A Multitude of Minnies

When I find a knitting pattern that is easy, looks good and doesn’t take long, I seem to use it a few times! Which is what happened when I saw one of my Knit and Knatter friends making this Minnie scarf. I made one and so did some other women in the group. Minnie is definitely a hit – the perfect portable project!

My Cream Minnie is made with Sussex Wools 100% cotton. I bought six balls of this cotton at a charity stall. It’s made in South Africa and I can’t find any reference to it on the internet at all so I’m thinking these balls were stashed away in someone’s cupboard for quite a while before being donated to this charity stall. I’m so glad I bought them.

Cream Cotton Minnie 01

Cream Cotton Minnie 02

The cotton feels lovely against my neck and I love the fact it’s a completely natural fibre.

Cream Cotton Minnie 04

I love the edging. It looks just like popcorn doesn’t it?

Cream Cotton Minnie 07

# 2 is my Blue Minski Minnie and is made from Mirasol Yarns Minski which is a 10ply / worsted 100% baby llama yarn. It is simply stunning!

Blue Miski Minnie 01

A beautiful blue colour just like the ocean…

Blue Miski Minnie 03

So, so incredibly soft and warm…

Blue Miski Minnie 05

# 3 is my Black Signorina Minnie and is made from Moda Vera Signorina which is a an 8ply / DK 57% acrylic / 40% wool / 3% other yarn.

Minnie 01

Minnie 02

There’s a limit to how many photos you can take of an item that is just black!

Minnie 04

# 4 is my Grey Dalmatian Minnie made with Moda Vera Dalmatian which is a 12 ply / bulky 82% acrylic / 12% nylon yarn.

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 01

Synthetic fibres certainly have come a long way over the years. This yarn is incredibly soft and lends itself well to be a scarf.

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 04

I love the subtle pale blue in the yarn…

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 05

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 08

# 5 is my Green Splice Minnie made with Yatsal Craft Crochet Knitting Cotton which is a 4ply / fingering 100% plied cotton. I picked up two balls of this cotton at a second hand shop as I fell in love with the variegated effect of the colouring.

Green Splice Minnie 01

I love the stripe effect towards the ends and the pooling in the middle of the scarf.

Green Splice Minnie 03

Green Splice Minnie 08

A perfect little scarf for spring and autumn.

Green Splice Minnie 02

Have I convinced you that Minnie is a great scarf to knit??

I’m off to the inaugural meeting of the Queensland Bayside Yarn Club this afternoon for four hours!! It’ll be fun to meet some more crafty women and hopefully complete a project or two.

Until next time…


My First Sensational Spinning Camp

Phew what a great weekend I’ve had! I attended my very first spinning camp with the Redlands Spinners and Weavers. The venue was the House of Happiness (even the name is appropriate!) at Woorim on the beautiful Bribie Island which is north of Brisbane, on the way to the Sunshine Coast.

Redlands SW Camp 2014 Welcome

I was very fortunate to get a lift with Shirley who picked me up at 2.30pm on Friday. We hit a couple of congested areas along the way but still made good time. There was a hive of activity at the venue as we arrived as everyone was unpacking and setting up their wheels and seating.

The group 01

Jan Sue Karin

Rona Gillian Tricia

We were also very fortunate to have two ‘shops’ at camp. Lindy (who is our Ashford agent) brought along lots of her goodies.

Lindy shop 01

Lindy Shop 02

And I finally got to meet Angela from Shorn Fibers as she brought along a wonderful selection of her fibre and yarn. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I buy a lot of my yarn from Angela!!

Shorn Fibers 01

Shorn Fibers 02

Shorn Fibres 03

Two workshops were held on the weekend. On Saturday we were taught how to make these cute little sheep.

Sheep making 01

I think I need to perfect my technique somewhat…

Sheep 04

My little sheep is in the middle…

Shirley Mel Rona Sheep 02

And here is the flock of sheep!

Sheep all 04

Thank you Linda for teaching us to make these cute sheep!

Linda 01

In our second workshop Shirley showed us how to make these beautiful boxes…

Box 04

Box 02

The lid and base of each box was made with eight pieces of paper folded like this…

Box paper

Very intriguing and very clever I must say. That’s me holding my box.

Melanie box

My little sheep has found a home!

Box and sheep

One thing I did buy which was quite an investment was an Ashford Blending Board.

Blending Board 01

Blending Board 01a

You can blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolags for spinning on the Ashford Blending board. The pack includes a large 30cm x 30cm (12’ x 12”) blending area, a blending brush and two dowels for easy drafting, rolling and removing the rolags, a removable, rotating adjustable keel, 108 point cloth, and a convenient carry handle. It has a lacquered finish too. Some of the girls on the camp went crazy using blending boards. Lindy brought along four to sell and they all went quite quickly!

Blended fibre

Here are just some of the rolags created on the weekend.

Poonies 02

Poonies 05

Poonies 03

Poonies 07

Tricia poonies

Poonies 09

I’ll experiment with my blending board over the next few weeks once I’ve packed away everything I bought at camp! I need to do some serious rearranging at my place to fit all my spinning gear in! I did, however, buy some fibre packs from Lindy so I can make a good start creating some colourful rolags on my blending board.

Blending Board 02

Blending fibre 02

We had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night and the tables were beautifully set by our wonderful camp convenor, Jan.

Table setting 01

Table setting 02

Jan and her husband made the Jazzy Jumbuck cut-outs plus the little gifts we were all presented with.

Table setting 03

Our personalised name tag, notebook gift plus our Jazzy Jumbuck theme for the weekend.

Jazzy Jumbucks

I also bought a couple of notebooks and bookmarks from Jan as well. Love them so much!


This is what the hall looked like at dinner time!

Dinner time 01

Empty! We were all very well fed I must say. As you can see, the most popular spinning wheel was the Ashford Joy obviously for its portability.

Dinner time 03

Dinner time 02

 I was lucky enough to win three of the raffle prizes so I donated two of them to my friends and kept this lovely sheep for myself. He does have feet but they’re a bit hard to see.

Raffle prize sheepI had the most wonderful weekend spent with wonderful crafty women who were so willing to share their company and knowledge. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks must go to our camp convenor Jan who puts so much effort into making our camps so successful. I will DEFINITELY be back next year!

That’s me in the middle.

Melanie Shirley Judy

I didn’t get as much spinning and knitting done as I anticipated as I was much too busy talking, shopping, eating and having fun!

I’ll show you the yarn I bought in the not too distant future.

Until next time…


Two More Scarves….Just Enough Ruffles and Sandpiper

A couple more completed projects from my Noosaville holiday….Sandpiper Scarf and Just Enough Ruffles Scarf. The Sandpiper Scarf is from the pattern Bias Scarf with Ribbed Cables which is a free knitting pattern on Ravelry.

Sandpiper Scarf 02This is a very cleverly constructed scarf with cables on either side and garter stitch in the middle and even though you’re knitting straight rows without any increasing you automatically get a bias effect.

Sandpiper Scarf 01

Sandpiper Scarf 05

Sandpiper Scarf 06

The yarn I used is Shorn Fibers Merino Superwash Worsted and the colourway is Sandpiper (hence the name of the scarf!) This is a beautiful yarn to work with as are all of Shorn Fibers‘ yarns which I adore.

Shorn Fibers Sandpiper 1

My second scarf Just Enough Ruffles is another easy beginner scarf which has a wow impact with that ruffle.

Ruffles Scarf 04

I did block this scarf but only very lightly.

Ruffles Scarf 02

Ruffles Scarf 05

The ruffle is obtained by knitting three stitches into one thereby tripling the number of stitches in the row.

Ruffles Scarf 07

I had to search through my stash to find the yarn I wished to use for this scarf. I knew it would suit the pattern and I was right. It’s Skein’s Alpaca Merino Worsted which is a 60% alpaca / 40% merino yarn.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Cardamon 02

Two more successful projects off the needles!

Sandpiper Scarf 04

Ruffles Scarf 06

I’m very excited as next Friday afternoon I am off to my first official spinning camp with the Redlands Spinners & Weavers. It’s going to be two days full of spinning, knitting, yarn, fibre and mixing with like-minded crafty women. And I’m finally going to get to meet Angela from Shorn Fibers as she will be having a small stall at the camp. You’ll hear all about it as I’m going to take lots of photos and no doubt buy a skein or two of yarn :-)

Until next time…




Moseley Park yarn plus more!

I thought I had discovered all the good yarn suppliers in Australia but apparently I hadn’t! Moseley Park Yarn is situated on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and is run by Jane and Ian who grow wheat and sheep. They also live off the grid, so no mains power; they have a solar array, with a small wind generator and a back up diesel generator. They also have another farm at Poochera which is 200kms West of Kimba where Jane has her dyeing and fibre studio. It was while surfing Ravelry that I discovered Moseley Park.

Moseley Park

And when I saw the ‘Specials’ icon on the website I had to have a quick look and lo and behold look what happened.

Three skeins of Wilcherry which is a 50% wool / 50% silk 4ply / fingering yarn. AU$14 each!

Moseley Park Agnes

Moseley Park Lena

Moseley Park Otto

One skein of Mawula which is a 100% superwash Blue Faced Leicester 4ply / fingering yarn. AU$11.00.

Moseley Park Finn

And two 50% Blue Faced Leicester / 50% bleached tussah silk tops in this gorgeous colour. AU$15.00 each. They’re 150g each too!

Moseley Park Eugene 01

You can be guaranteed that I’ll be adding Moseley Park to my list of favourite yarn suppliers!!

Here’s a cute little ceramic sheep wearing boots that I bought a couple of weeks ago on my way home from work. Isn’t it just the cutest little sheep!

Sheep in Boots 03

Protecting some of my spinning wheels!

Sheep in Boots 04

I also picked up these 5 x 200g balls of Shetland Natural Cream 10 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills at only AU$12.50 each.

Bendigo Cream 10 ply 01

They will come in very handy for when I decide to do some more natural dyeing.

Bendigo Cream 10 ply 02

I was very naughty this morning as I dropped into Spotlight on my way home from filling up my car with petrol. Couldn’t resist these bargains…

Moda Vera Biscay which is a 70% acrylic / 30% alpaca 12ply / bulky yarn. It is incredibly soft.

Moda Vera Biscay Green 01

Moda Vera Cyclamen which is a 46% wool / 35% polyamde / 19% acrylic 12ply / bulky yarn.

Moda Vera Cyclamen Green 01

Moda Vera Cyclamen Grey 01

Moda Vera Instinctive which is a 100% premium acrylic 8ply / DK yarn.

Moda Vera Instinctive Green 01

Moda Vera Instinctive Brown 01

Moda Vera Faith which is a 40% acrylic / 30% mohair / 30% wool 4ply / fingering yarn. I already have the pattern lined up for these little beauties.

Moda Vera Faith Green 01

Moda Vera Faith Blue 01

I don’t usually buy blue yarn but these colours were exceptionally beautiful; they reminded me of the blue ocean…

Moda Vera Faith Blue 02

Moda Vera Faith Blue 03

And finally, the last two ball of this Moda Vera Noir which is a 75% wool / 25% nylon 4ply / fingering yarn. I don’t believe Spotlight will stock this any more so I’ve managed to pick up a couple more balls as I rather like it for knitting socks.

Moda Vera Noir Beige Mix 01

All the Spotlight yarns were half price which was a bonus! You’ve probably figured out by now that when it comes to yarn I have absolutely no self control!

Don’t forget to check out Moseley Park Yarns if you’re looking for a new yarn supplier. BTW this is not a sponsored post. I simply like to recommend any good yarn suppliers that I stumble across as I believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising and us knitters should always tell each other about our good finds!

Moseley Park

Until next time…


Autumn Citron and Blue Miami Beach Shawls

Another week of work is finished. It’s been a very overcast, rainy and bleak day in Brisbane today and the weekend looks like it will be the same so it’ll be ideal weather for knitting! Tomorrow I’m off to do some more yarn bombing and straight after that it’s off to Knit and Knatter which I am so looking forward to.

At one stage I seemed to be knitting socks and more socks and now I’m knitting shawls and more shawls!

This Citron Shawl is my second using this pattern (and I’ve recently started my third!).

Autumn Citron 01

I love this pattern as it’s easy to follow and easy to knit. I would point out however that there is NO increasing when knitting rows 3-5 and 7-11. I get caught out every time!! If you’re going to knit this pattern maybe it would be an idea to write these words beside these rows. This shawl sits beautifully on my shoulders.

Autumn Citron 02

The yarn used for this shawl is the extra ball I had specially dyed by Angela from Shorn Fibers. It’s called Tuff Sock and is an 80% merino / 20% nylon yarn. I hit a bit of a snag as I reached the bottom of the shawl as I was fast running out of yarn. A quick visit to my stash room and I found some left over Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light which is a 100% merino yarn. I had originally used this yarn for my Wholehearted Shawl and luckily there was enough left over and I think the paler green edging matches perfectly.

Shorn Fibers Autumn Gradient 3

Madelinetosh-65 TML Grasshopper

The shawl reminds me of those jellied citrus sweets…

Citrus image 02-tile

Autumn Citron 06

For a bit of a change I added a picot edging. I love a picot edge; it takes a while to complete but does look effective and is great for using up surplus yarn if you have it.

Autumn Citron 09

My Miami Beach Shawl turned out perfectly especially using this blue yarn…

Miami Beach Shawl 01

which is Cleckheaton Country 8ply in this unusually bright blue colour.

Cleckheaton Country Blue 02

The shawl has a beautiful lace edging…

Miami Beach Shawl 06

Both shawls are easy knits as there’s a lot of plain garter stitch.

Miami Beach Shawl 02


Miami Beach Shawl 07

The stitch definition is beautiful!

Miami Beach Shawl 05

I hope you’ve got some inspiration from these two patterns.

Until next time…



Beautiful colours in nature and in yarn!

I love colour particularly autumn colours. I love their rich warm hues and their association with nature. I also love bright colours in particular oranges and yellows. So when my son unexpectedly presented me with the most beautiful gift of flowers I was ecstatic. He told me he had no idea what colours to get me so just selected what he thought looked nice. He certainly picked the right ones don’t you think?

Flowers from Richard 01

Flowers from Richard 15

Mother Nature has created some truly gorgeous colours and no doubt this is where a lot of artisan yarn dyers get their creative ideas from.

Flowers from Richard 17

I have taken so many pictures of these flowers as I don’t want to ever forget their beauty and who gave them to me.

Flowers from Richard 19

Flowers from Richard 04

Which leads me to one of my latest knitted garments. The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief is a pattern I’ve had for ages and which I keep looking at and then move on to another pattern. However, with my recent Shorn Fibers‘ yarn purchases I knew straight away what yarn I could use with this pattern.

Age of Brass Steam 01

I was after a pattern that wasn’t too fussy so it could show off the beautiful colours that Angela has captured in this colourway called Woodland Pixie.

Age of Brass Steam 06

The colours remind me of a lovely balmy Autumn day with all the different shades of orange the leaves turn.

Age of Brass Steam 02

To utilise the whole skein of yarn I added an additional K2, YO, K to last 2 sts, YO, K2 row and then added a picot bind off to add a bit of a wow factor to the kerchief.

Age of Brass Steam 10

The yarn is Shorn Fibers Merino Superwash DK (115g per skein!). I love, love, love all the autumn shades in this skein.

Shorn Fibers Merino DK Woodland Pixie 03

I actually started this kerchief on the day I received the yarn as I was so enchanted with it.

Age of Brass Steam 03

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….

Age of Brass Steam 07

Age of Brass Steam 04

Age of Brass Steam 05

I can’t wait to find patterns that will suit the other yarns I purchased from Shorn Fibers.

Here’s a very colourful mosaic of my beautiful flowers…

Flowers from Richard 01-tile

We’re in for a wet and cool weekend in Brisbane so I’m going to settle into some knitting, spinning and reading and I’ll be toasty warm wearing my hand knitted socks and a lovely warm scarf :-)

Until next time…



A Wonderful Holiday With Lots of Yarning!

My holiday has now come to a close for this year. I am so blessed to have been able to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful places in the country….Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast and the remaining time in the wonderful bayside suburb where I live.

I’ve completed lots of projects. Here is a few of them…

Age of Brass Steam 01-tile

Walked up to The Point a few mornings with my backpack and book and settled in at the coffee shop for a relaxing read…

Coffee at the Point 01

Coffee at the Point 02

Imagine looking at this every day!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 07

There is nothing like living right beside the water. I love it! It must have something to do with my Zodiac sign – Aquarius – the water bearer. I am only a few minutes walk away from this…

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 01

What bliss.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 02

When I walk to Cleveland Point after work in the summer, I sit here and watch the water and just zen out.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 05

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 08

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 10

Mother nature at her best! What wonderful shades of blue!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 14

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 13

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 11

There are great places for families to have picnics or barbeques. Plus there’s plenty of play equipment for the kids…


And we even have Queensland’s oldest Banyan Tree…



And on the way home from coffee I spotted this little cluster of beautiful mauve flowers…


And, of course, I found a yarn store in Noosaville called Sheep Thrills…

Sheep Thrills 08 24-7-14

And it wouldn’t be a regular blog post if I didn’t share some yarn purchases with you. I bought these last week at Spotlight…

Six balls of Moda Vera Hue which is a 70% acrylic / 30% wool bulky / 12 ply yarn.

Moda Vera Hue 01

Five balls of Moda Vera Dalmatian in this burgundy colourway. This yarn is an 82% acrylic / 18% nylon bulky / 12 ply.

Moda Vera Dalmatian Burgundy 01

And three balls in the grey colourway…

Moda Vera Dalmatian Grey 01

And lastly, two reels of this beautiful variegated green rayon which I hope to use to ply with some green merino I am yet to spin…

Green Rayon 01

Green Rayon 02-tile

And of course, I did quite a bit of spinning. This is what I’ve recently started spinning. Some ‘mongrel’ (I’m assuming this means a mixture of fibre; I bought it at the recent Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day). I’m spinning it on my Crofter wheel which I haven’t used to date and I must say I’m loving it!!!

Mongrel 01

It’s mainly a grey colour with little flecks of other bits and pieces in it.

Mongrel 02

Mongrel 03

As I close I would like to welcome all the new followers to my blog. Thank you so much for following my yarn adventures :-) I can always be contacted via the ‘Contact Me’ page along the top banner of my blog page. Please, please leave any comments as I reply to each and every comment left. I love the interaction this blog provides. Let me know what else you’d like me to blog about too.

Until next time…


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