It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, it’s certainly getting to that time of the year again when we think of resting and taking stock of the year, wrapping presents and enjoying some leisurely time with friends, family or both. It’s also that time when the Christmas trees are unpacked and adorned with decorations. Last year I knitted a lot of my decorations and I was delighted with the results. They’re quick to make so you get instant gratification. And they’re great for using up those last bits and pieces of yarn. I have to confess that I used acrylic to knit them. I’m a bit of a yarnaholic however acrylic does have its place.

This Candy Cane Christmas ornament is so easy to make. I simply knitted an I-cord around a pipe cleaner. I used a red/white variegated yarn and it looks very effective. How easy is that?

The knitting pattern for the mitten featured on the far right hand side of the picture can be found here. It’s so easy to make and really adds a Christmasy feel to your decorations.

Isn’t that little yarn basket at the top left hand side of the picture just adorable? It would make a perfect little ornament for your Christmas tree or you could knit a few and give them as small gifts to your knitterly friends. You can find the pattern here.

The knitting pattern for the white santa hat on the left hand side of the picture can be found here. The added eyelash yarn really adds to the appeal of this pattern.

This little snowman is another easy and quick knitting pattern to complete. He can be found here.

The Christmas tree at the bottom left of the picture is knitted with this pattern. You can decorate your tree with small buttons as I did. Again, let your imagination go and you’d be amazed with what you can come up with.

The pattern for the little Christmas stocking at the bottom right hand side of the picture can be found here. Again, another easy peasy pattern.

There’s a plethora of free Christmas decoration knitting patterns at Knitting Pattern Central and Ravelry. You’re sure to find so many you’ll want to knit.

I love these little Christmas bells so much that I’ve knitted heaps of them. The free pattern can found here. I used Moda Vera Marvel for the main part of the bell and Lincraft Sport for the white rim.

Here’s another picture of some more Christmas bells knitted in all different types of acrylic yarn.

These Christmas baubles are also sooo easy to make. The pattern can be found here. I followed the basic pattern but changed colours where I felt like it  and also used eyelash yarn to provide a bit of variety.

Christmas Baubles 2

And then I got really adventurous and purchased different sized polystyrene baubles and adjusted the pattern and these are some of the results.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing all my knitted Christmas decorations and I hope you’re having as much fun as I am knitting so many different colour and style variations. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend. Happy knitting or crocheting or whatever you enjoy doing. Talk soon.

And so the sock saga continues!

Pair # 6 are my very cool Lace Cuff Socks. I was so proud of myself when I finished these socks as they were my first foray into knitting something really different around the cuff. This pattern is from the September edition of the Australian Creative Knitting Magazine and was quite easy to follow. The yarn used is Patons Patonyle 4 ply which is a very easy yarn to knit with. A plain colour also really emphasises the pattern don’t you think?

Pair # 5 are my Fantasia 3 x 1 Ribbed Socks made using the Basic Ribbed Socks pattern which is another of the many free sock knitting patterns on Ravelry. I used Moda Vera Noir sock yarn which is a fantastic and reasonably priced yarn to knit with. It comes in some amazing self patterning designs and gorgeous coloursl This particular yarn is called ‘Fantasia’ hence the name of my socks. It was a sheer fluke to get the stripes on both socks to match.

Pair # 4 are my Plum socks. The yarn I used is Pro Socks Harmony. I quite like the effect…a bit like an indigenous painting don’t you think? This is the pattern I used when I was first taught to knit socks. It’s from the Lion Brand Yarn website and is called Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks and is a great pattern to start with.

Countdown to # 1…..three more pair of socks to come!

What got me back into knitting

About a year ago, I saw this book titled Knitted Mug Hugs in my local library’s New Titles list. I was instantly intrigued so I purchased it from one of my all time favourite online bookstores….The Book Depository. I knitted a few and wasn’t overly enthusiastic about any one of them so I thought I’d hunt around for another book and consequently came across this one, Mug Hugs by Alison Howard. It has lots of fabulous and different patterns which are fantastic. So….because I can be soo obsessive at times….I made a few and here’s a lovely collection of them. Hope you enjoy my new image manipulation.

Don’t they look so cute….here’s some more…

I love the pattern that has the swirly bit at the bottom (in the middle above)….and it’s sooo easy to knit too.

There’s more….

A couple more (above and below) with the cute swirly skirts at the bottom.

Nearly there….

Isn’t that orange mug hug nice and bright?

I love the yellow one too….it looks so happy and cheerful!

That’s all of them. What do you think? Has it inspired you to buy the book and start knitting hundreds of mug hugs like it did me?

I’m excited about….Photoscape

I was having lunch today with a friend and we were chatting about my blog. I mentioned that I’d like to find a program whereby I could join three photos together to make one image so I could make some more blog headers for my site. As soon as I arrived home this afternoon I jumped onto my computer and Googled ‘free photoshop downloads’ and found this wonderful free piece of software called Photoscape: Free Photo Editing which I am absolutely loving. I’ve already made a new header for my main page and added a couple more on my About Me page. Check them out and let me know what you think.

This is a picture of another banner I’ve just made. Clever isn’t it?

More and more socks

Pair # 9 is one of my faves….Mediterranean socks in a gorgeous Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball yarn in gorgeous shades of blue and green….just like the Mediterranean Sea. Doesn’t the colour make you feel all cool and invigorated, just like the sea does? The pattern, Tadpoles, is another free pattern published on Ravelry.

Pair # 8 is probably my favourite sock pattern… cleverly constructed and yet so easy to knit….Circle Socks….knitted in Regia Design Line Jazz Color (Mint Julep). Unusual combinations of colour which I am quite drawn to…..olive green, lime green, pale and dark grey.

Pair # 7 are my Harlequin Rib socks….so colourful and happy looking! They’re made from the pattern Basic Ribbed Socks which can be found in Ravelry. Don’t forget there are hundreds of free sock knitting patterns in Ravelry. These socks were made from Online Supersocke 100 sock yarn which has a great stripe effect and gorgeous bold colours.

Must fly now….more of my socks to come….countdown to # 1.

Stash….an uncontrollable life force living in my home

Yes, that’s exactly how I’d describe my stash. It started as one ball of wool and now consists of nearly a room full of wool. I don’t remember how this happened so I can only surmise that it grew of its own accord.

I don’t take any blame for this….I blame the internet which has enabled me to sit at my computer in my PJs and leisurely click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. I didn’t realise how much damage this could do! A few years ago I would have had to get dressed and actually drive to a shop to purchase yarn. Although it wouldn’t have been the simply scrumptious yarns I can buy ‘at the click of a mouse button’.

Do you know how many yarn shops there are online? There are heaps in Australia but even more around the world…..although at this stage I’ve only purchased from within Australia. Even in Brisbane I can purchase online from Yay for Yarn, Yarn Glorious Yarn, Tangled Yarns, Threads and More and then there’s K2tog in Albury. They can run but they can’t hide…..I will discover them!

And then of course there’s and My my my….how often have I purchased yarn from all the various sellers. I’ve had my eye on some sock yarn but at $55 I’ve had to control myself as even this seems a bit extreme. This will probably give you an idea of how much yarn I’ve purchased in the last year…nearly every morning as I walk to work my local Australia Post parcel driver waves to me from his van as he passes me. That’s how well he knows me. And then there’s the number of books I purchase from The Book Depository and I am an online store’s dream customer don’t you think? And here’s one more pic of my stash. By the way, don’t get any ideas of crashing the night at my place because there’s no room in my spare room for you!

Some of my latest sock creations

I’ve been dying to learn how to knit socks for ages. I’ve bought so many books and sock yarn and tried to teach myself but always gave up. In August this year, I went to a sock knitting class at Threads and More at Sherwood in Brisbane and finally learnt how to knit socks on five dpns. It is now three months later and I’ve just finished my 13th pair of socks. Just call me the sock monster! All my socks are featured on my Ravelry page along with any adjustments I made to the patterns.

These are my Rhubarb Cobblestone socks (Pair # 12) made with Regia Hand-Dye Effect sock yarn. I found the pattern on Ravelry and it’s so easy to knit. The yarn wasn’t the best to knit with as it became quite thin in places but I really love the colour.

These are Pair # 11 – Random Tracks socks. There’s a bit of a story behind this pattern…it was supposed to be the Cobblestone pattern just like Pair # 12 however I misread the pattern and rather than frog it I simply kept knitting and made my own pattern. Sometimes masterpieces can be made from mistakes! For rounds 5-8 I should have K2, P2, K2 and kept repeating, however, I K2, P2 and kept repeating which dramatically changed the pattern. Again these socks can be viewed in my Ravelry page. These socks were made in Wisdom Yarns Poems Socks. The colours are absolutely stunning and there was no rhyme nor reason how the colours appeared, however, the actual yarn was very difficult to knit with. It got very, very thin in places and then very, very thick in places and was quite a ‘furry’ yarn. I have another ball of this sock yarn so will have to persevere with it one more time!

Pair # 10 – my lovely Staggered Cable socks. Isn’t this yarn simply gorgeous….it’s Online Supersocke 100 and I love, love, love the colours in it. This pattern tested my cabling skills with socks….I was juggling six needles at a time!! This is such an easy pattern to follow and one I will use again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sock adventures. More socks to come.