More and more socks

Pair # 9 is one of my faves….Mediterranean socks in a gorgeous Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball yarn in gorgeous shades of blue and green….just like the Mediterranean Sea. Doesn’t the colour make you feel all cool and invigorated, just like the sea does? The pattern, Tadpoles, is another free pattern published on Ravelry.

Pair # 8 is probably my favourite sock pattern… cleverly constructed and yet so easy to knit….Circle Socks….knitted in Regia Design Line Jazz Color (Mint Julep). Unusual combinations of colour which I am quite drawn to…..olive green, lime green, pale and dark grey.

Pair # 7 are my Harlequin Rib socks….so colourful and happy looking! They’re made from the pattern Basic Ribbed Socks which can be found in Ravelry. Don’t forget there are hundreds of free sock knitting patterns in Ravelry. These socks were made from Online Supersocke 100 sock yarn which has a great stripe effect and gorgeous bold colours.

Must fly now….more of my socks to come….countdown to # 1.

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