And so the sock saga continues!

Pair # 6 are my very cool Lace Cuff Socks. I was so proud of myself when I finished these socks as they were my first foray into knitting something really different around the cuff. This pattern is from the September edition of the Australian Creative Knitting Magazine and was quite easy to follow. The yarn used is Patons Patonyle 4 ply which is a very easy yarn to knit with. A plain colour also really emphasises the pattern don’t you think?

Pair # 5 are my Fantasia 3 x 1 Ribbed Socks made using the Basic Ribbed Socks pattern which is another of the many free sock knitting patterns on Ravelry. I used Moda Vera Noir sock yarn which is a fantastic and reasonably priced yarn to knit with. It comes in some amazing self patterning designs and gorgeous coloursl This particular yarn is called ‘Fantasia’ hence the name of my socks. It was a sheer fluke to get the stripes on both socks to match.

Pair # 4 are my Plum socks. The yarn I used is Pro Socks Harmony. I quite like the effect…a bit like an indigenous painting don’t you think? This is the pattern I used when I was first taught to knit socks. It’s from the Lion Brand Yarn website and is called Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks and is a great pattern to start with.

Countdown to # 1…..three more pair of socks to come!


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