Socks….back to the beginning

I’m nearly back to Pair # 1 where it all started but I still need to cover Pair # 3….my Simpy Sensational Citrus socks made with Filatura Di Crosa Maxime Print sock yarn in gorgeous shades of orange and yellow, hence the name of these socks! Unfortunately, the Maxime Print is now discontinued. These socks are made with the Lion Brand Yarn’s website’s Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks. I can practically knit this pattern in my sleep now!!

Simply Sensational Citrus Socks

Pair # 2 are my Sandstone socks made with Moda Vera Noir and I was simply amazed as this yarn did its self-patterning thing! When you look at the entire skein you’d never expect this type of fabulous patterning! Again, these socks were made using the Lion Brand Yarn’s website’s Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks. These socks were photographed without my feet in them so the picture shows another perspective. Isn’t that patterning something else?

Bushland Socks

And now for Pair # 1…my very first pair of socks knitted in Moda Vera Noir in gorgeous shades of camouflage green called Bushland. The pattern is the Lion Brand Yarn’s website’s Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks, a very easy beginner sock knitting pattern. I hope you’ve enjoyed my sock journey back to # 1. My next posts will reveal my two latest sock creations. I’m now madly knitting more Christmas decorations which I will also share with you over the next week or so. Until next time…

Bushland Socks

3 thoughts on “Socks….back to the beginning

  1. Mel… the yarn that you knit socks with specifically made for socks…….and…….does it come in different foot sizes, e.g. if you were making socks for a child?


  2. Hi Carol, yes it’s special sock yarn. The reason why you should use sock yarn rather than a normal yarn is because sock yarn has a small percentage of nylon which gives the socks their ability to stretch. You will find most sock yarns are produced in either 50g or 100g balls/skeins. 100g is generally more than ample to knit two adult socks and would be heaps to knit socks for children. It would depend on the pattern of course and this should always be your guide.. I’ve just completed a pattern search in Ravelry for free, knitted sock patterns with a picture for a child. I’ve attached the results of the search in the link below. Hopefully you’ll be able to access it from here. Ravelry has literally 1000s of free knitting and crocheting patterns. It’s an amazing site and well worth signing up and exploring.


  3. Thanks for taking us on your journey Mel, I feel privileged to have been with you from the start. Thankfully we didn’t need to intervene in the end because you changed to knitting christmas ornaments (LOL).


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