Tidal Wave Socks…..Pair # 13

As this is my 13th pair of socks I’m getting to know what sort of pattern and yarn I like to use and both this pattern and the sock yarn are # 1 in my collection now.

Tidal Wave Sock pattern is an easy pattern to follow with a lovely tidal wave motif around the leg and then stockinette stitch for the remainder of the sock except for the stunning heel flap which looks and feels fantastic. I cannot rave enough about the Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn I used for these socks. It is simply one of the best sock yarns I’ve used….thick (well as thick as sock yarn gets), soft and luscious. The colour is Father Time and consists of lovely shades of aqua, blue, brown and green….simply stunning and the socks are so, so comfortable.

Tidal Wave socks

Tidal Wave socks 2

Here’s a close up of the lovely tidal waves pattern.

Tidal Wave socks 3

And another sans my foot!

Tidal Wave socks 4

This was another one of many free sock knitting patterns I found on Ravelry….the best site for knitaholics and crochetholics alike.

Here’s the sock yarn still in its skein form which shows all those gorgeous colours and how they complement each other so well.

Adorn Sock - Father Time

I’d love to know what you think of this pattern and sock yarn if you’ve ever used them.

Ciao for now!