My Gorgeous ‘Recycled’ Frangipani Tree

In August this year as Mum and I were walking back from the Coffee Club from our weekly Sunday coffee chat, I came across a large portion of a frangipani tree that had  broken off from the main tree (which was massive). I picked it up and hooked it over my shoulders and told Mum I was going to plant it in my small courtyard and see whether it would take or not. Mum mentioned it had been there for a few days so I immediately thought that maybe it would have ‘dried out’ but I have since read you should leave them to dry out a bit.

When I arrived home I got my trusty tree saw out of the shed and sawed off a small section of the bottom of the cutting and smeared it with honey as it helps to stimulate callous tissue that will then encourage the cutting to produce roots. I’d recently watched an episode of Better Homes and Gardens where Graham Ross suggested this.

Over the next few weeks I’d patiently search for any signs of life until one weekend tiny, tiny bits of growth started to appear at the tip of most branches. After a couple more weeks I took these photos as I was so excited that my frangipani had ‘struck’.

Frangipani 1

Because I don’t have a large garden (only a small courtyard) I had to plant the frangipani in the middle of my only garden area which is a small corner raised garden bed. The frangipani is nestled between a cestrum nocturnum (night-scented jasmine), croton and abutilon (yellow flowers in the background).

Frangipani 2

Frangipani 3

That’s the croton on the left hand side.

Today (7 December 2012) , I took some more photos because I am so excited about the very first flowers on my frangipani.

Frangipani 4

Isn’t it just the most gorgeous flower you’ve ever seen? Here’s an even more stunning picture. Look at all that growth!! I am so happy!

Frangipani 5

Amazing!!…..overnight another flower bloomed. Mother Nature is simply awesome isn’t she?

Frangipani 7

Even the leaves are flourishing!

Frangipani 6

Apparently a frangipani this size retails for around AU$150 so I’m quite proud of my ‘free’ plant which cost me nothing…only a bit of huff and puff as I carried it home! Maybe I can add frangipani propagation to my list of talents!!