Knitted Christmas Lights Ornaments

Last year while I was searching for all types of knitted Christmas decorations patterns, I came across this lovely free pattern for knitted Christmas Lights while I was surfing the ‘net. Alas, it mentioned knitting with dpns which, at that stage, was beyond my comprehension. Fortunately, this year I have mastered knitting with five dpns after learning to knit socks in August so out came this pattern again. I was ready to tackle it. I searched the number of knitters who had knitted the pattern on Ravelry for any handy hints that I could utilise. There were 118 projects!!! Amazing! I found one hint that really helped and that was to use two dpns until I reached the 6 stitches and then divided them between the three dpns (2 stitches on each needle). This was so much easier than trying to start with one stitch on each needle. With the cast on tail I very carefully stitched close the small gap at the start. You’d never know the difference!

This pattern is a fantastic stash buster. I used lots of different colours and also used my old acrylic yarn stash which is great for this type of project where you don’t need to use wool.

Christmas Knitted Lights

Each light only took about 45 minutes or less to make and stuff with a polyster fibre stuffing material. It is quite a rhythmic process as it is so repetitive.

Knitted Christmas Lights 2

The brighter the colours the more Christmasy the lights look.

Knitted Christmas Lights 3

Gorgeous aren’t they?

Knitted Christmas Lights 4

Once I had knitted all the Christmas lights I required I made an I-cord and attached them all to the cord. This pattern has a link to an excellent video if you’re a visual person. Bear in mind the I-cord will stretch considerably once you start attaching the lights so you probably won’t need to knit it as long as you think you should.

All in all I am very happy with the result. They’re easy to make and add a real festive touch to your home.

Knitted Christmas Lights 6

Don’t forget Ravelry has plenty of free Christmas decoration knitting patterns available on their website. Visit them today and you won’t be disappointed. I hope you enjoy making these adorable knitted Christmas lights ornaments.

Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Until next time…