Hand Knitted Traditional Teddy Bear

I can’t recall ever owning a teddy bear when I was younger. I had plenty of dolls, books and puzzles but no teddy. So at the ripe old age of 54 years, I now have my very own hand knitted traditional teddy bear.

Meet Bartholemew Bear. He’s made with a pattern from Jean Greenhowe’s Traditional Favourites patterns. I love this teddy as he is such a traditional looking bear. You can either stitch his legs on in the seated or standing positions.

Bartholemew Bear 1

The only real challenging part of this pattern is one particular row (on the head) where nearly every second stitch is a m1 and I really struggled with this row as I had so much trouble forcing the needle through as everything got so tight. I may use a larger needle size next time on the row before the m1 row….hopefully that will provide a bit more ‘give’ in the stitches. Using a size 3mm with this yarn kept it a very closely knitted teddy bear which means you can’t see any of the stuffing which is good. All in all, I am very pleased with the results.

Here’s a picture of Jean’s teddy. I think mine bears a very close resemblance, don’t you?

Original by J Greenhowe

The yarn I used was Wool Importers Limited Handspun which is made in New Zealand. In Ravelry it is recorded as an Aran weight (10 ply) however it had 8 ply on my balls of wool.

I knitted Bartholemew months and months ago….he just sat neglected in one of my yarn containers waiting to be constructed and stuffed. He certainly took a lot of stuffing material as the pattern calls for a firmly stuffed bear. He sure is strong and firm…..not a soft teddy at all.

Here are some more pictures of my gorgeous Bartholemew Bear.

Bartholemew Bear 2

Bartholemew Bear 3

While surfing the ‘net I found a picture of a traditional German teddy bear from 1954 on the Wikipedia website. Teddy hasn’t changed much over the years has he?

Traditional German Teddy Bear 1954

5 thoughts on “Hand Knitted Traditional Teddy Bear

    • Hi Anita, I found it easy except for the fact the pattern called for using 3mm needles and 8ply wool with the idea of making a very dense stitch pattern. What is one person’s easy may not be another person’s easy. I have responded to your other question and sent you a link to an easy teddy pattern that I found on Ravelry. Hope this helps. You could also try visiting your local library and asking one of the librarians if there are any teddy pattern books available for loan.


  1. Hi. We, as a group of 4 girls very new to knitting did this yellow bear but we did the whole thing in Stocking stitch, no purl. We used 4mm knitting needles and 8 ply wool. We got 2 bears knitted very tightly, so they were smaller than the pattern dimensions but the 2 loose knitters ended up with bears you can see the stuffing of. I’m a tight knitter so no poor result for me, but now, I’m doing it again, exactly to pattern with same wool and needles and have got some really good looking finished pieces so far, but still have the body and yes, the difficult head to do. Wish I could send a photo of my completed st st bear!

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