My Relaxing Knitterly Christmas Day

Well Christmas is ‘done and dusted’ for another year. I must say this Christmas Day was quite relaxing for me. I was up early (I can’t seem to alter my body clock after years and years of getting up early for work) and had the table set, food cut, sliced and diced and ready by 8.30am. Mum, Dad and my son Richard weren’t due until 11am.

I had brought the presents downstairs on Christmas Eve and they were all ready for Richard.

Christmas Presents

And yes, you can see a pack of toilet paper in the photo above. When your son lives away from home, he doesn’t knock back anything that will ultimately save him some money, so every Christmas I always provide him with presents ‘for the home’….toilet paper, disinfectant, washing up liquid, body wash, baked beans, etc. He also gets ‘real’ presents like clothing, work boots and other bits and pieces. Can you see those two plastic bags in the photo with the pictures of Father Christmas on them? Well they’re now at least 15 years old. I keep recycling them every year as I can’t bear to get rid of them as they remind me of Christmases when Richard was a little boy.

I lit an apple and cinnamon fragranced candle that permeated the air with a real delicious Christmasy smell.

Apple and Cinnamon Candle

Anyway, back to waiting for my family to arrive…..what’s a girl supposed to do while waiting for 2 1/2 hours…..start knitting another pair of socks of course!

Maidenhair Fern Socks 1

The weather was perfect for Christmas Day. We’d been experiencing some quite humid days in the lead up to Christmas Day but on the actual day the humidity dropped considerably and it was quite bearable. Another reason to start knitting while waiting for my family to arrive. I managed to finish the cuff of one sock. Did you notice the orange zip bag in the photo? It’s actually a $3 toiletries bag from Crazy Clarks. When I saw it I knew it would make a perfect little knitting caddy and it certainly does. It holds my pattern, notebook, pencil, skein of yarn, needles, tape measure, snips and darning needles. Great for slipping in my handbag and taking out with me if I know I’m going to have some spare time and can get a bit of knitting completed.

Maidenhair Fern Socks 2

Mum, Dad and Richard arrived on time at 11am so we opened our presents whilst drinking some bubbly (and Jim Beam and Coke for Richard) and then sat down for lunch. I must say cooking a big roast lunch has never been on my agenda. It’s just too much effort when most Christmas Days are much too hot. So I settled for a cold lunch. I must say the end result was lovely. Everyone’s plate was so colourful just like all the famous chefs talk about…..all the colours and textures.

We had orange (prawns), yellow (mango, capsicum), green (lettuce, snow peas, avocado, olives, basil, grapes), white (chicken), pink (ham), red (capsicum, tomatoes), purple (cherries), followed by berry trifle which was a mixture of lots of colours.

Christmas Lunch 1

Typical, as soon as we started to sit down out came Richard’s mobile phone. Sometimes I think it’s surgically attached to him. What I couldn’t believe is when my Mum (who is 85) sat down she also had her mobile phone!! I had to reprimand them both!

Christmas Lunch 2

Well that was my Christmas Day. Once we’d finished lunch and dessert and had a few more sips of bubbly and nattered for a while Mum and Dad left for home and Richard left for a swim and get together at his mate’s place.

I cleaned up, popped the dishes in the dishwasher, took my knitting out onto the front stoep and thoroughly enjoyed myself knitting, drinking tea and eating chocolates in the beautiful bay breeze that was blowing my yarn all around the place.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day too. Here’s another pic of Father Christmas knitting which I couldn’t resist. He doesn’t look too happy…..maybe he dropped a stitch!

Until next time….


Santa knitting 2