Leaves of Whimsy Socks…….. Pair # 15

I love this Leaves of Whimsy sock pattern created by Rebecca Mercier and published as one of the many free sock knitting patterns on Ravelry.

Leaves of Whimsy 1

This is a lovely sock pattern but takes a bit of concentration. You also need to be extra careful at the end of each Row 1 where it ends with a yo as it’s easy for a large hole to form. I used size 2.5mm dpns with this yarn. It’s a very fine yarn. In hindsight I should probably have used 2.75mm dpns as the socks are quite snug. I am notorious for not knitting tension squares so it’s my own fault.

Reduced the number of repeats for the leg from 5 to 4. Five would have been too long and not have gone up around my calf.

Leaves of Whimsy 5

The yarn I used is Ty-Dy Socks by Knit One Crochet Too. I love all the different greenish shades too. It’s very appropriately called ‘camouflage’. I purchased this yarn from one of my favourite Brisbane online yarn shops – Yay for Yarn.

Ty-Dy Socks - Camouflage

This is the first sock I’ve knitted where the leg pattern continues down the heel flap and I must say I rather like it.

Leaves of Whimsy 2

Leaves of Whimsy 3

As you can tell from all my socks, I’m a bit partial to autumn colours as I find them so relaxing and easy to blend as there are so many autumn colours available.

Leaves of Whimsy 4

Leaves of Whimsy Socks 6

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas Day….no doubt you are now gearing up for New Year’s Eve!

Talk soon


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