Hot Aussie Weather and Murgrona Socks………….Pair # 16

Here in Australia we are experiencing extremely hot weather which has resulted in many bush fires burning out of control across the eastern side of the country as well as the tragic loss of homes and businesses. In Brisbane today it was around 36 degrees celsius but luckily it was a dry heat and the humidity was relatively low. It hardly feels appropriate that I should be knitting socks during this time but it appears nothing can stop me!

I find the repetitive nature of knitting to be quite therapeutic and calming and it is also something I can do when watching TV. There is also a certain amount of excitement involved watching a pattern and self-patterning yarn evolve.

Interspersed throughout the last 16 pairs of socks I have knitted there are some socks knitted in plain stocking stitch as there are occasionally times when I just want to knit and not think too much. These are ideal times to use some of the exquisitely dyed and self-patterned sock yarns that are now available in such abundance. It takes a lot of self control not to keep clicking ‘Add to Cart’ when I am shopping on line for sock yarn.

I looked up the meaning of the word ‘Murgrona’ and found out that it means “ivy” The designer is Swedish so maybe this pattern reminds her of ivy. This is such an easy sock pattern which consists of only four rounds to create such an intricate pattern.The only mistake I made was to use this yarn with this particular pattern as neither the sock pattern nor yarn are shown to their full advantage. The next pair I make will definitely be in a solid colour. This pattern….Murgrona Socks can be found on Ravelry and guess what…’s another free sock knitting pattern.

Murgrona Socks 1


This close up photo gives you an idea of the lovely detail of the pattern……

Murgrona Socks 3

as well as the lovely detail of the toe……

Murgrona Socks 4

which is continued through to the back of the heel.

Murgrona Socks 5

The yarn I used is called Dornröschens Sockenwolle made by Dornroschen-Wolle. The designer lives in West Germany and loves dyeing so much she creates a new colourway each month.

Dornroschen Merino Polyamid 100g 420m

This is a stunningly gorgeous sock yarn but unfortunately as mentioned previously the pattern doesn’t do the yarn justice and vice versa. Luckily, I purchased two skeins of the yarn so I will knit another pair of socks in just plain stocking stitch so the rich autumn colours of the yarn can be shown off to their full advantage.

Dornroschen Merino Polyamid 100g

Hope you are knitting or crafting lots of things that make you happy. My next pair of socks is already finished so I will post a story about them in the next week or so. They are gorgeously stunning and I’m sure you’re going to love the yarn colour and sock pattern. Stay tuned.

Take care….



3 thoughts on “Hot Aussie Weather and Murgrona Socks………….Pair # 16

  1. Great – you are discovering for yourself the relationships between complicated patterns and complicated yarns. To learn more, I heartily recommend to you “Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn” by Carol J. Sulcoski. She defines the various ranges of color variation, and includes patterns that would work well with each. It is one of those books that I find myself returning to for ideas.


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