New knitting knick knacks or maybe this should be called My adventures

Early last year I discovered while I was reading a knitting magazine that featured this lovely knitting tote. Of course, I immediately had to have it so off I went to my computer and entered the web page address and discovered a new world of spending money. But really, you must agree this is simply a must have accessory for any knitter don’t you think? But wait….there’s more. I bought two of these knitting totes just in case one wore out….that’s a knitter’s logical thinking at work. Those of you reading this blog who are knitters will understand that statement straight away.

Answers tote bag

Of course, while on the website I had a quick look around and discovered coffee mugs. I mean, I only have about 100 at home; what’s one more, especially if it looks this good.

Knitting Queen Mug 1-tile

A couple of months later an email arrives in my inbox from….you guessed it….cafe press ….with a 30% discount voucher. Now I love a bargain….even if it is going to cost me more money so I thought how about another couple of coffee mugs to add to my current collection of 101. Here’s the decals that are on each of the mugs.

Id Rather Be Knitting Mug

What Happens at Stitch Mug

And of course if my two new knitting totes wore out (at the rate I’m wearing out these totes I’m going to have to be doing an awful lot of knitting!), I’d need a couple more, wouldn’t I? I think that first one should probably read “You can never have too many knitting totes”. If you read my Essential Knitting Paraphernalia page, you’ll get an understanding of my addiction for knitting caddies/totes.

You can never have too much yarn tote

To Knit or Not to Knit

In January I’m hit with another 30% discount voucher from Obviously profits are low and they need a boost to their revenue so they thought ‘let’s send Melanie another discount voucher…’s a dead set certainty she’ll use it’. How well they know me. This time I found these two adorable knitting feature clocks.

Eat Knit Sleep Clock 1Eat Knit Sleep Clock 2

I was rather taken with clock # 1 which says ‘Eat, Sleep, Knit’….a bit of a play on the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ no doubt. It looks lovely on the wall in my bedroom I must say. There’s no excuse now for me to be late for work as this clock will be staring directly at me and reminding me to get out of bed and off to work!

Its Knitting Time Clock 1Here’s clock # 2 which is also hanging in my bedroom. I will definitely either be lulled to sleep by the ticking of two clocks or driven mad! Time will tell. Some of my friends won’t know whether the latter has occurred as they probably think I’m mad anyway as do those of you who are currently reading this blog!

Its Knitting Time Clock 2

And to top it all off, I found an area where I could customise my own knitting tote. You guessed it, another knitting tote. But doesn’t it look spectacular? My only problem is that now I know how to customise knitting totes (and anything else for that matter) I can go absolutely beserk and get lots and lots of things printed and sent to me with pictures of all my knitting and crocheting projects on them. Hey, if anyone from is reading this blog, can you email me another discount voucher please.

Knitting Caddy Mel 9

And don’t worry….I will keep you updated on any more quirky purchases of mine.

Until next time…happy knitting, crocheting and crafting (or cafe press purchasing!)


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