River Rapids Socks…..Pair # 19 and a Train Crash!

Besides knitting socks from patterns that other very clever knitters have written, I also love the names of their patterns and often wonder about the meaning behind some of them. Some names are quite obvious, others not so much. This particular pattern speaks for itself and for once, I thought I’d actually try and knit a pair of socks in a colour that relates to the name of the pattern. Hence my River Rapids socks are knitted in a lovely greeny/bluey coloured sock yarn.

Socks # 19….and what a delightful pattern this is. I used a size larger needle 2.75mm rather than the 2.5mm that I have been using for all my other socks. I have found that with the finer sock yarn and 2.5mm needles the socks fit quite snugly. Using 2.75mm needles has solved this problem. I am very naughty as I hate knitting tension/gauge squares.


This 16 row repeat pattern is exceptionally easy as 10 of the rows are exactly the same and you soon get used to the other six rows. I used 5 dpns. Also, when doing the heel turn I used a ssk rather than the k2tog…just what I’m used to.


The pattern I used is called River Rapids Socks and it’s another free Ravelry sock pattern.

For such an easy pattern to knit it looks so intricate and beautiful.


Lovely heel detail…


The yarn is called Regia Hand-dye Effect and the colourway is Rock Garden. It’s the same yarn I used to knit my Rhubarb Cobblestone socks. The colour in this photo is slightly more vivid than it actually is.

Regia Hand Dyed Rock Garden 2


On a different note, here in Cleveland where I live we were shocked on Thursday (31 January) when a train failed to stop and over ran the platform and into the newly multi million dollar refurbished station house. An investigation is currently being carried out but it looks like there were problems with the train’s brakes. I guess that’s pretty obvious to most of us!


A picture of one of the carriages being lifted by crane during the night.

Carriages craned out

Even Wikipedia has updated their webpage about Cleveland Railway Station.

Well I’m off to finish another pair of socks. These socks are from a book recommended to me called Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski. Can’t wait to show them to you.

Knitting Handpainted Yarn lge

Bye for now…



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