A Nice Ribbed Sock….Pair # 20 and a Cute Little Baby Hat

While I was reading one of Knitting to Stay Sane’s blog posts I found the link to her free pattern called A Nice Ribbed Sock. I’ve knitted a 3 x 2 ribbed sock previously which I called my Harlequin Rib socks from the pattern Basic Ribbed socks which can be found in Ravelry.


What I love about this pattern is that by just knitting a 3 x 1 rib adds some interest to the sock rather than a plain stockinette stitch. Had some difficulty trying to get a good photo to pick up the colours in the yarn which are charcoal, tan and a little bit of burnt orange.

A Nice Ribbed Sock 07

Hopefully these pictures taken outside may help to give you an idea of the colourway.

A Nice Ribbed Sock 06

The yarn I used is called Lana Grossa Meilenweit Grigio Sockenwolle. I think it may be discontinued now as I can’t find much information about it.

Lana Grossa Grigio Sock Yarn

The colour is a bit subdued compared to some of the bright colours I’ve been knitting with but it makes a change.

Thought I might also share with you this absolutely adorable Incredible Expanding Gnome Hat. I thought it was so cute I just had to knit it with no one in mind to give it to so I’ll just hang onto it until a little baby boy is born.

Baby Gnome Hat 1

I made it with Patons Big Baby 4ply yarn. Because I don’t have a baby or even a doll to use as a model, I had to resort to a candle jar just to give you an idea of how the hat looks when it’s on a round shape. Don’t laugh!

Baby Gnome Hat 2

Here’s the picture from the Ravelry page….much cuter. How can you not want to knit one after seeing this picture.

Baby Gnome Hat 3

Isn’t it just delightful? And it’s a free knitting pattern from Ravelry. Here’s the link if you’re interested in knitting one.

Time for me to go. Off to meet some of my crafty friends tonight for some eating, drinking coffee, talking and I’ll be taking my crocheting with me.

Talk soon



2 thoughts on “A Nice Ribbed Sock….Pair # 20 and a Cute Little Baby Hat

  1. Mel, i am sure there a few men out there that would be happy to wear these latest socks and cuddle up with you wearing one of your more colourful pair. Hmmmmm


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