Wool Winding Weekend

Do you ever gaze adoringly at your stash of beautifully hand dyed skeins of yarn and wonder what you’ll make from each skein? Are you like me and at the end of the day you plan on starting a new project while relaxing and watching TV only to find once you’ve got your pattern, needles and other bits and pieces together you discover your yarn is still in skein form as you haven’t gotten around to winding your skeins into balls of yarn in quite a while? That has happened to me on a couple of occasions so today I decided to gather an armful of skeins, set up my wool winder and swift and build up some muscles in my right arm!!

This is Dyed By Hand Yarns’ Tough Stocking – colourway Limelight that I featured recently in a blog.

10 Limelight-tile

Voila! From a skein to a beautifully wound ball of yarn.

08 Limelight-horz

I might add that I purchased my wooden umbrella wool swift and wool winder on two separate occasions from eBay. If my memory serves me right, I only paid about $20-$30 for both including postage which I think is quite a bargain. The swift did not come with a clamp however I haven’t had any problems with it moving around the table too much and it would be easy enough to fashion a clamp to fasten it to the table.

18 Parakeet-horz

This is Yarns on StageGreat Adirondack – colourway is Parakeet. This yarn has a short colour repeat so I will definitely be making something that is predominantly stockinette stitch to show off the colours of the yarn. The skein looks completely different to the wound ball, doesn’t it? I’ve learnt my lesson after knitting my Murgrona and Rib Fantastic socks.

17 Parakeet-horz

This one is Yarns on Stage – Twisted Sisters Petite Voodoo – colourway is Green Teas(e). I think I’ve found the right pattern for this yarn – Falling Water scarf which is a free pattern from Ravelry. What do you think?

05 Twisted Sisters-horz

This one is Dyed By Hand Yarns – Tough Stocking – colourway is Tyger Tyger. I love these autumn shades.

01 Tyger Tyger-horz

The yarn below is Dyed By Hand Yarns – Tough Stocking – colourway is Urban Sprawl. This picture gives you an idea of the black, charcoal and silvery grey with flashes of the bright to golden yellow and paprika.

14a Urban Sprawl-horz

The finished product – a nicely wound ball of yarn ready to go!

14 Urban Sprawl-horz

This beautiful yarn is Augustbird’s Hearty Sock – colourway is Wild. I only discovered Augustbird a short time ago and I really love what Rebecca does with her colours.

21 Wild-horz

This yarn is Augustbird Hearty Sock – colourway is Sweetgrass.

24 Sweetgrass-horz

It’s amazing watching your yarn turn from a skein into a perfectly wound ball of yarn. I remember the day I first used my wool swift and winder. I was like a kid in a candy store….you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. All those hours of hand winding skeins into balls of yarn were now replaced by these two incredible pieces of equipment.

28 Solace-horz

This yarn is Augustbird Hearty Sock – colourway is Solace.

26 Solace-horz

And finally, Augustbird Hearty Sock – colourway is Dragon Light.

32 Dragon Light-horz

Now I have a query for all you experienced ‘wool winders’, can you tell me what the purpose is of this metal bar that is on the main part of my wooden umbrella wool swift. Every time I look at it I am quite perplexed.

Swift query

Well that’s my yarnie story for this hot and humid Brisbane weekend. The weather bureau has just issued a weather warning for SE Queensland – torrential rain – so it’s time to batten down the hatches.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and doing what you enjoy the most.

Talk soon



5 thoughts on “Wool Winding Weekend

  1. A similar bar on an old swift I had was used to ensure the swift did not collapse while you were winding. There were holes going up the post so you could adjust the tension of your yarn.


  2. I have a wooden tabletop yarn swift, but mine is 2 arms that criss cross over each other when you put it together on a 4 legged base. then it has pegs that you can adjust for the size skein you are winding from. I do have a ball winder, but I usually either use just my thumb or an empty vitamin bottle. If the bottle, I will open it up & tuck the end inside, put the lid on & then start winding – straight around to begin with, then on a diagonal after a bit. It makes a cake either way. Can’t remember where I found out about winding around your thumb though.


  3. I find myself in the same situation. A project will jump out at me and say knit me. Where is the yarn, still in a skein. I have an umbrella swift and find yarn slips off it while I’m winding. Time for a new swift I think…


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