Red Wine Cable Socks….Pair # 22 and my first Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket

Last year I took this book out of my local library…it’s called The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket. I was immediately captivated by a couple of the patterns, in particular the Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket and the Red Wine and Port socks so I purchased a copy of the book from The Book Depository. At that stage I hadn’t learnt how to knit socks. However, after learning in August last year, I retrieved the book and decided to tackle these lovely socks and I’m so glad I did. Just reading Jane’s explanation about these socks is enough to get you going.

“There is nothing nicer on a cold, rainy, blustery winter evening than snuggling down on a comfy sofa, a fire to one side, a glass of red wine to the other, and a view of feet clad in cosy, cabled socks in front. Add to the picture, a good book, some knitting that can be picked up and put down, a fine black and white film to watch, and the ideal woolly sock scene is set.”

Now if this quote from Jane’s book isn’t enough to get you started on some lovely cabled socks I don’t know what is!

Red Wine Cable Socks 01

The cable pattern is simple to knit and yet stunning and looks more complicated than it actually is.

Red Wine Cable Socks 02

I love these cables…..they are so traditional and to me, they look so perfect and robust.

Red Wine Cable Socks 03

Red Wine Cable Socks 04

With a name like Red Wine, I had to make sure I used an appropriately coloured yarn and so when I found this particuar yarn on sale at Yay for Yarn I knew straight away it would be perfect. It’s called Knitosophy by Dream in Colour and the colourway is Princess.  Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued.

Knitosophy Princess

Seeing as they’re called Red Wine socks, I thought I’d better photograph them next to a bottle of red wine.

Red Wine Cable Socks 05

When winter rolls around, I’ll be slipping into my Red Wine socks, grabbing a glass of red wine and curling up with a good book. All I’ll need is a roaring fire which I don’t have have. Oh well, in my future I’ll be living in Tasmania so I’ll have to wait for my roaring fire.

Red Wine Cable Socks 06

As I mentioned the Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket previously, I thought I’d share some pictures with you. The original pattern calls for Cascade 220 yarn, however, while I was sourcing the yarn from various online websites I became impatient and started crocheting these squares with acrylic (yuk I know!) using all my autumn colours. I generally only use acrylic for Christmas decorations or something that is not against the skin, however, in this case I was just too impatient.

Starburst Throw 3

Despite the fact it was crocheted with acrylic I was very happy with the result. It’s so very colourful and vibrant, don’t you think?

Starburst Throw 1

Starburst Throw 2

You’ll be pleased to know I have finished this blanket using only Cascade 220, however, at this stage, I’ve only joined all the squares together into strips and it’s been sitting as a UFO for a number of months now!!! I will have to complete it before winter this year as I aim on using it as a blanket on my bed. I’ll definitely feature it in a blog post in the not too distant (hopefully) future.

Farewell from another rainy Saturday in Brisbane…..can’t wait for some lovely sunny and brisk winter days to arrive.

Have a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Red Wine Cable Socks….Pair # 22 and my first Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket

  1. I’ve never put cables on my socks…
    – I thought they’d be too lumpy inside my shoes and ‘hurt’ the tops of my feet
    – I thought they’d make the socks bunch up and shift instead of staying in place
    – thought it would only work in fingering; DK would make the above situations worse…
    Do you wear these inside shoes or just for curling-up-on-the-couch in?


    • I haven’t worn them yet as we’re still experiencing hot weather here in Brisbane. Once the winter hits, these will be my ‘lounge around the house’ socks. You’re right, I imagine the cables would rub against your skin if you wore shoes with them. The yarn I used is a fingering yarn although this particular yarn is now discontinued.


    • You can see why the blanket really jumped out from the page of the book when I first saw it. It is so vibrant and the cream borders emphasise all the colours beautifully. I do love Cascade yarn and can’t wait to feature my Cascade throw.


  2. So with all the miserable weather we are having Melanie I have to ask why you haven’t started to put the blanket together, If I was a betting person I would say that if it was a pair of socks the blanket would have been finished by now (LOL). To all you fans out there Melanie knows I am only joking she does a wonderful job with her projects and I love to see them come to fruition.


    • Yes, I have been very remiss…every time I think about the blanket I also think about another project to start….I started a blanket for my Mum yesterday. It’s a very easy crocheted one so I’ll be able to do a bit every night as I’m watching the news on telly.


  3. Melanie, the cabled socks are beautiful, as is the coloring. With chunkier winter shoes, you probably won’t feel the cables…they’ll flatten out a bit in those places of pressure anyway.

    I haven’t put my daughter’s crochet blocks together yet! am totally obsessing on this. I like how you did your blocks and at least it’s put together, eh? I can’t tell from the pictures….what method did you use to put the blocks together? btw, the acrylic looks great! I used Vanna’s yarn here in the states, and it was really nice to crochet with!!!(an acrylic) felt nice in the hands and the colors are marvelous. But that’s because it’s going to the daughter..who has cats…and I don’t trust her to keep it out of their reach!

    BUT I have a ton of wool here for me, to crochet me a wool blanket ….or two or three. I will do a Granny for me but I’ve always loved the ripple patterns. So will do one of those, too.

    I love your pictures…can’t WAIT to see the Cascade 220 one!


    • You’ve posed a good question about how I put the blocks together. I think it was either a single or double crochet stitch. Generally, it’s just an instinctive thing with me…I just start using a stitch and don’t really think about it. Yes, I must definitely get those strips sewn together on my Cascade 220 blanket as I’m running out of time. The weather here in Brisbane is gradually cooling down so soon I will have no excuse!


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