Ebay and K2tog yarn splurge

I confess…..I’ve been at it again…..buying more yarn. Yikes, I really need to put the brakes on for a while as my stash is overtaking my spare bedroom. On top of that, I’ve just discovered a new online yarn shop situated on the mid north coast of New South Wales called Purlwise and it stocks some simply luscious yarn. I mean, look at these Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarns and tell me that is not a smorgasbord of yarn colours!

So sit back and get ready for an explosion of gorgeous colour. The first eight lots of yarn came from my favourite ebay Brisbane-based yarn store. I must be psychic as there was a lot of yarn on sale at 40% off so naturally I had to trawl through the 36 screens (over 1000 items) of yarn available at ‘A Chronic Yarnaholic’. It was just like walking up and down the yarn aisles except I remained seated! I’m also featuring some yarn I purchased on sale recently from K2TOG, a yarn store in Albury in New South Wales which also sells online. I love a sale!

Blackbird Fibres

This yarn is a beautiful hand dyed mix of stunning deep orange through to red, with shades of olive and grassy greens . Very lovely colours on a beautiful quality, soft and squishy yarn. You know how much I love autumn shades….well this yarn certainly ticks all the boxes. It weighs 100g and there are 400m per skein. It’s a 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon and is a sock/fingering weight (4ply) and made in the UK. I’m thinking maybe a scarf or a shawl. If you have any Ravelry pattern suggestions I’d be more than happy for you to share them.

Blackbird Fibres Superwash Bluefaced Leicester 100g 2

Fly Designs “Lace Wing Sock”

“Taos” is a beautiful hand dyed blend of rich chocolate brown, peach and soft plum sock yarn. Terrific quality; quite a fine sock yarn which could be used for lace work. The skein weighs125g and contains 497m (546yd) per skein and made in the USA. These colours really ‘pop’. I think it would be a shame to use this yarn as socks so I think a shawl is in order.

Fly Designs Lace Wing Sock 125g

Abstract Fiber “Alto”

“Alfalfa” is a totally gorgeous, handpainted mix of multi shades of green, with a tiny touch of black. Stunning, soft, plump wool in the most delicious colours! The skein weighs 125g and contains 358m. It’s a 100% Bluefaced leicester wool and is DK (8ply) weight and made in the USA. A shawl or scarf I think. The colour reminds me of grass after lots of rain…..that really luscious rich green colour.

Abstract Fiber 'Alto' Bluefaced Leicester DK 125g 2

Artyarns ‘Supermerino’

Shade 102 – this yarn is handpainted with mainly mustard yellow, with splashes of red, greens and brown. Top quality yarn from a prestigious brand; very soft, springy wool. Each skein is 50g with 95m (104yd) per skein. It’s a 100% superwash merino wool; DK (8 ply) weight and made in the USA. Very unusual colours and as yet I’m not sure what this will turn into. I have four skeins. Any suggestions??

Artyarns 'Supermerino' Handpainted 50g


“Bollywood” – wow!! hand dyed vivid mix of red, hot pink, gold and orange sock weight. Beautiful yarn in ‘wow’ colours. too good for socks!! Each skein weighs100g and contains 420m. It’s a 75% superwash wool, 25% polyamide and made in Germany. Okay folks….any suggestions for what I could knit with this yarn. I have two skeins. Could you imagine a shawl in these colours…..you’d see me coming miles away!

Dornroschen S'wash Wool Polymade 100g 2

Hand Dyed NZ Corriedale wool

Shade c9 – a beautiful hand dyed mix of soft peaches, pinks, blues, lilacs and more! This yarn is aran weight (10 ply). Gorgeous colours and this yarn will felt beautifully too! Each skein weighs 100g and contains198m (218yd) per skein. The yarn is 100% pure New Zealand Corriedale wool. I have two skeins so I am open to any pattern suggestions. I love New Zealand…visited there in 2006 for three weeks and just fell in love with it. It’s on my bucket list to return in the not too distant future. Maybe a yarnie holiday!

Hand Dyed NZ Corriedale Wool 100g 2

Noro ‘Kureyon sock yarn’

Shade s217, lot a – fabulous mix of bright aqua, acid yellow, charcoal, cream and more! Typically wonderful Noro colour combination – not just for socks! The skein weighs 100g and contains 420m. It’s a 70% wool, 30% nylon and is a sock weight and made in Japan. I have two skeins of this yarn so am thinking socks and maybe a shawl.

Noro Kureyon Sock 2

The Natural Dye Studio “Dazzle”

Lovely mix of soft greens and lemon; supremely soft yarn in lovely colours. The skein weighs 100g and contains 328m (360yd). It’s a 100% Bluefaced leicester wool and is a sock weight. I’m thinking a scarf as it looks so squishy, soft and cuddly.

The Natural Dye Studio 4ply Bluefaced Leicester 100g

Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnaval Sock

Carnaval blends the beautifully soft alpaca with merino and silk to create a superbly soft, resilient and durable 4ply fingering-weight yarn in a festival of colour. This is a 50% superfine alpaca, 30% merino, 10% silk, 10% nylon, with a length of 400m (436 yds) and weighs 100g. I have two skeins so maybe socks and a shawl or maybe a large shawl. I really need a pattern for a large shawl as most of them tend to be more of a shawlette size which ends up around the neck as opposed to covering your back.

Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnaval Sock

Naturally Waikiwi Prints

Waikiwi is a soft, machine washable sock yarn with a beautiful blend of quality fibres including possum. This 4ply fingering yarn is 55% NZ Merino, 20% nylon, 15% alpaca, 10% possum with a length of 181m (198 yds) and weighs 50g (1.75 oz). New Zealand is famous for its very soft possum yarn and this is the first time I’ve purchased a yarn that contains possum. Will make a nice snuggly pair of socks I think.

Naturally Waikiki Prints

Noro Silk Garden Sock

This beautiful sock yarn is a version of the popular Noro Silk Garden yarn. Noro’s gorgeous color palettes and luxury blend of lamb’s wool and silk are the perfect combination for a sock project. This yarn is also great for mittens, cardigans or lace shawls, etc. The yarn consists of 40% lamb’s wool/25% silk/25% nylon/10% kid mohair, with a length of 300m (328 yds) and weighs 100g. Noro’s socks yarns are usually quite bright and colourful, however, I was quite taken with the earthy muted colourway of this particular yarn.

Noro Silk Garden Sock

Well, they’re my latest purchases. I just couldn’t resist them and I’m sure you all agree with me that when it comes to yarn, when you’ve cast your eyes on beautiful, luscious colourways, it’s so hard not to purchase them.

Would love to know some of your favourite yarns.

Talk soon,



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