Yarn Bombing in Cleveland (Brisbane)….Part 1

While reading my local paper last Tuesday, this headline captured my attention….Yarn Bombers join BUZZ. I can remember last year walking through Cleveland one Sunday with my Mum and noticing a number of iconic areas of the CBD that had been yarn bombed. The article advertised Yarning Circles that were to be held on Saturday afternoons at 1pm. Yay!! For once my full time job won’t interfere….it seems a lot of things I’m interested in joining are held during the week which makes it a bit difficult when you work full time.

The Yarning Circles are held at the Artist Tree Cafe in Cleveland which is a cafe – creative arts area – community gathering space which is slowly gathering momentum. The concept is to be commended as it is a space where the community can gather, have a coffee, something to eat, bring their craft along, sit back, relax and chat.

I gathered together some brightly coloured yarn, my crochet hook and bag and set off for my first Yarning Circle. There were only three of us there but what we lacked in numbers we certainly made up in such interesting story swapping, jokes and banter.

Dolly Olsson is one of the most lively, interesting and funny 91 year old women I have ever met! She regaled us with stories of her youth, spinning fleece on her Ashford spinning wheel (that had me spellbound), her achievement of attaining a degree in Sociology after she enrolled in a university correspondence course when she was 54! Dolly did not attain a formal education when she was young although she did make sure her children all went to university. After her degree she attained a PHD. What an inspiring national treasure she is.

Elizabeth Nowak was born in Poland and has lived in Australia for over 40 years and yet still has a very strong Polish accent. She is proficient in many crafts and today was crocheting bits and pieces in readiness for all the pieces to be joined together.

It was so relaxing sitting back and talking to complete strangers and learning about their interesting lives and at the same time sharing a bond….which is the joy of crafting…..whether it be knitting, crocheting, painting or whatever. To see a project evolve gives you great satisfaction and instils a sense of accomplishment and pride in oneself when it is completed.

The best part about this crafty exercise was that it would be shared by all those folks who visit Cleveland on Saturday, 23 March.

These are just a few of the yarnie goodies that will be used for yarn bombing.

Yarn Bombing 01

That’s my work on the right hand side….the bright pink crocheted squares and the brown/cream garter stitch knitted square. Dolly and Elizabeth crocheted some embellishments.

Yarn Bombing 02

Dolly made this embellishment….isn’t it exquisite!

That's my work on the right hand side....the bright pink crocheted squares and the brown/cream garter stitch knitted square. Dolly and Elizabeth crocheted some embellishments.03

I’ll be attending the Yarning Circle next Saturday so if you’re in Cleveland around 1pm, join us at the Artist Tree Cafe with your knitting or crocheting and make a few bits and pieces for the yarn bombing that will happen on Saturday, 23 March.

Until next time….



PS Here’s a definition of yarn bombing for those who aren’t too familiar with it.

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