Yarn Bombing in Cleveland (Brisbane)….Part 2

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Yarning Circle knitting/crocheting session last Saturday so it was with enthusiasm I rocked up at The Artist Tree Cafe and Creative Arts Space in Cleveland half an hour early to partake in lunch and a coffee.

Elizabeth arrived soon after so we got down to the serious business of knitting and crocheting ready for next Saturday’s Cleveland BUZZ which involves street art and performances. We were also joined by Tricia Dobson, the organiser of the event and a dear friend of mine who is a prolific writer and blogger, Janet. Janet’s blog is Redland City Living and showcases some of Redland’s best spots to visit.

The Artist Tree is a fantastic venue for those who wish to nurture their creative side or simply join friends for yummy food, good coffee and a lovely relaxing atmosphere. There are art pieces on show and for sale and maybe a drama group on site….a perfect place for a group of knitters to congregate.

Here’s a sample of some of the pieces that Elizabeth has stitched together.


So colourful!


I love all the different textures and shapes. That’s the fun part of yarn bombing….doing whatever you feel like, in whatever size and with whatever colour. It’s freeform knitting and crocheting at its best. Here’s some embellishments made by Janet and Tricia.


That’s how I spent most of today. Hope your day was full of crafty fun as well. Until next time….


2 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing in Cleveland (Brisbane)….Part 2

  1. Hi Mel, Love the colourful knitting and crocheting. Sounds like a lovely time you had with friends at the cafe and entertaining as well. Just thought I’d catch up with you this way:- are you interested in coming along to Sunnybank SHS 50th Anniversay Celebrations on the 22nd or 23rd March this year…only next weekend?


    • Hi Sharmaine. thanks for your kind comments. I’m not available this weekend as it’s the Cleveland BUZZ weekend and I’ll be checking out all the arts performances and the yarn bombing.


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