In the Limelight Socks…….Pair # 24

I am particularly happy with my In the Limelight socks because I have actually used the correct yarn to show off this lovely stitch pattern. The pattern ‘Swedish Block’ is from Charlene Schurch’s book ‘More Sensational Knitted Socks’ and I would highly recommend it. You can read a book review here. It contains so many different stitch patterns from 4 – 12 stitch repeats. You can mix these leg/foot patterns with different heel flaps and toe finishes. A bit like a smorgasbord for knitters! You really need to have knitted a few pairs of socks and understand the construction of a sock before attempting mixing and matching the different parts of the socks.

Limelight 01

This heel flap has a three stitch garter edge just for something different. It certainly adds a bit of texture to the heel. These photos were taken outside and the colour is a tad dull. The inside photos show the true bright lime green colour of the yarn.

Limelight 06

The toe is a star toe hence the slight curve in the decreases.

Limelight 10

Limelight 11

Limelight 12

The yarn I used comes from Dyed By Hand Yarns, a yarn dyeing business located in Melbourne, Australia. Julie Boydell has been crocheting, knitting and generally crafting from an early age. Over the years she has learnt spinning and weaving, various hand and machine sewing techniques, felting, quilting, photography, colour and design. As a medical scientist she plays with dyes daily, and has honed her skills of observation, theory and practise in dyeing processes. The decision to dye yarns was a natural progression of this. Family and friends encouraged her to present her wares for sale, and Dyed By Hand Yarns was born. I, for one, am happy it was!

08 Limelight-horz

I recently featured the yarns I purchased from Julie…you can read my story here. I am really impressed with this yarn….not only is it a beautiful colour, it has great ‘stretchability’ which is vital in a sock. I can also imagine a nice shawl made in the same yarn as it would have some ‘give’ and stretch nicely around you.

As described on Dyed By Hand Yarn’s website, Limelight is a light bright semi-solid lime green with hints of neon yellow and gold. The base yarn is Tough Stocking and it is a 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon. It weighs 100gm and contains 423 metres (463 yards) and is a fingering/sockweight, 4-ply construction. The colour of the yarn takes me back to the 1980s when this colour was all the rage. It’s great to see it make a comeback…but then doesn’t everything?

It is strong without the scratchy feeling (I can guarantee that…it is sooo beautifully soft and snuggly); you don’t notice the nylon in this yarn. Merino wool is well known for its warmth and elasticity, whilst the nylon provides strength. The tight twist means great stitch definition as you can see from my socks. One skein of yarn was more than enough for my socks. I probably have enough over to use as the cuff, heel flap and toe for another pair of socks using a variegated yarn for the leg and foot. It is also machine washable however I only ever hand wash my hand made socks.

I really love these socks and this yarn and can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I can start wearing them.

And just to finish off, and because I really love these socks, here’s some more photos.

Limelight 04

Limelight 15

Limelight 03

Here’s to a wonderful crafty weekend. I’ll be attending Cleveland BUZZ tomorrow morning to check out all the arty and yarn festivities. Will take my camera along so I can share some photos with you.

Talk soon


7 thoughts on “In the Limelight Socks…….Pair # 24

  1. If you used the Swedish block pattern in a deep brown this sock would look like a block of chocolate! *I do not recommend the eating of this yarn!*
    So glad you like the yarn and the colour; it IS very ’80’s 🙂


    • Love your socks and I do want to learn toe up socks but I have so many things on the go at the moment. I’m going on holidays in July and will be taking a lot of knitting with me. I plan to attack toe up socks at that time. Can you recommend any good patterns for beginners?


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