Oaklet Shawl

I was so excited when I received my package from Yarn Glorious Yarn as I knew it contained my two skeins of the first offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s new ART WALK Series that features a painting by Vincent van Gogh entitled “View of the Arles with Irises” which inspired this colourway. Painted on Serenity Silk Single, Mr. Zen has captured the water colour quality of the painting very well with the silk giving just enough sheen to mimic the effect of water. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour!

This colourway once sold out will not be repeated. With the first skein I made this gorgeous shawl from the free Ravelry pattern called Oaklet Shawl. It is soooo easy to make and only took me a few days. It is predominantly just knitting and purling until the edge.

Oaklet Shawl 06

Oaklet Shawl 01

Oaklet Shawl 02

Oaklet Shawl 13

The yarn is incredibly smooshy and soft and the colours are divine. I am really impressed with my first exposure to Zen Yarn Garden.

Zen Yarn Garden art-walk-series-5

There will be further colourways in the series as the year progresses. I reserved two skeins of the next two series with Sue at Yarn Glorious Yarn as I don’t want to miss out. Last week I received two skeins of the second series but you will have to wait to see it until I decide what creation I will knit. It is gorgeous!

Serenity Single is a glorious soft single ply fingering yarn spun from 75% superwash merino/15% cashmere and 10%silk. There is 430 yards on a 100 gram skein.

I featured this yarn in an earlier blog post which can be read here.

Here’s the painting that inspired the yarn colourway.

View of the Arles with Irises Van Gogh

I’m not sure what I will make with the other skein I have but I was thinking of the Falling Water scarf pattern that I found in Ravelry. Because the yarn is so soft it begs to be worn around your neck. Maybe someone can suggest another suitable Ravelry pattern for this yarn??

I have already started my next scarf in lovely variegated shades of green. Will blog about it in the not too distant future!

I am now inclined to make another Oaklet Shawl but a larger one….mmmmmm….what yarn from my stash should I use?

Just to finish off, here are some more photos of my Oaklet Shawl.

Oaklet Shawl 04

Oaklet Shawl 09

Oaklet Shawl 11

Hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend break. I’ve been busily knitting baby hats and bootees as I know of two little babies that will be born in winter this year. So much to do, so little time….

Talk soon..


1 thought on “Oaklet Shawl

  1. Love the shawl! I also like the way that the colours pool. As for a scarf pattern: I like the Falling Water that you have chosen. Whatever you end up doing, I think it best if you keep the pattern simple in order to showcase the yarn. But just in case you need more encouragement: http://bit.ly/13NAxyl 🙂


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