My Gorgeous Little Peggy Spinning Wheel

I am soooo excited as I believe I have managed to buy a second hand Little Peggy spinning wheel. I was dabbling in Ebay last week when I saw this little beauty being advertised for sale. It is very rare to see a Little Peggy on sale in Australia let alone in Brisbane! The courier charge for the wheel was $70 however the seller only lived at Loganholme about 30 minutes drive from my place which was a bonus so I drove out there yesterday and picked up my Little Peggy.

Ironically, in 1975 my family lived in Loganholme for a short time. Talk about a coincidence; the house where I picked up my Little Peggy was within viewing distance of my old home. It was a real walk down memory lane and made me feel quite nostalgic.

But I digress…..back to my Little Peggy. I have taken some photos and am hoping some of my blog followers might be able to answer some questions for me. I have also sent an email to an address that I found on the New Zealand Spinning Wheels webpage that talks about the Rappard Little Peggy and Wee Peggy spinning wheels.

This number is written on the bottom of the wheel which leads me to believe it was built in 1979.

Little Peggy 01

Little Peggy 02

Little Peggy 03

Little Peggy 04

The two parts that are indicated below by the two arrows are loose and can be lifted out of their housing. What is the part indicated by the pink arrow?

I have since found out this is the retaining pin, and should be in the hole on the other side to stop the bobbins falling off the metal rods. Its hole, on the right side, is meant for the threading hook which has been lost. However, I have a threading hook from my Ashford spinning wheel that I can use.

Little Peggy 05a

Is the blue arrowed part a tension knob that is inserted into the area in the photo below indicated by the blue arrow. And yes, I have since learned that is the tension knob.

Little Peggy 06a

Little Peggy 07

Little Peggy 08

Little Peggy 09

Would this be the original joining of the treadle or a home made fix up job?

Little Peggy 10Little Peggy 11

Little Peggy 12

Some of the metal parts of the wheel feel a bit rusty and rough. What’s the best way to clean them up. The wheel spins quite well which I am happy with although I need a belt/cord to drive it.

I can’t wait to hear back from Mary at New Zealand Spinning Wheels about all the questions I’ve asked her about this (possible) Little Peggy spinning wheel.

I would also love to hear any feedback from you.

I am soooo happy!

NEWSFLASH: Before I got to release this post I received a response to my email from Mary Knox and yes, I have a Little Peggy spinning wheel!!! From my photos sent to Mary, she believes it is in very good order and it was quite unusual for one to have slipped out of the workshop without the Rappard name on it, usually under the treadle. Mary has provided me with lots of information. Unfortunately it is difficult to get spare bobbins and she recommended I try and contact a wood turner.

This story just keeps getting better….a few months ago I read a story about my old boss in the local Sunday Paper. Over the years, he has learnt how to turn wood and now runs demonstrations. The gods certainly are shining down on me. I will email him and provide some photos and see whether he can make me a few bobbins.

I am hoping to have my second spinning lesson soon and will be learning how to ply the fleece I have already spun. I will chat to my spinning teacher about getting a drive band.

Off to stare lovingly at my Little Peggy…..again 🙂

Talk soon…


32 thoughts on “My Gorgeous Little Peggy Spinning Wheel

    • Yes, as you can tell from my post, I am really excited. It’s a beautiful bit of furniture to say the least. I feel like I have a bit of history in my home. Would love to know its journey to me.


      • I have an opportunity to get a WEE Peggy. Am trying to figure out the value so I can make a reasonable offer. No information is online. Do you mind sending me a private email? I really appreciate it.


      • That’s fantastic Carol! Let me know how you go with it. Have you checked out the link to the New Zealand Rappard page on the right hand side of my blog page?


      • I will get my wheel and post to your page if I can figure out how to…and see what I am in for. Very happy to find you and the info here. This Wee Peggy lives in Virginia but will be in my studio in North Carolina before too long. Thanks alot! Best regards, Carol


  1. Dear Mel,
    Congrats!!!! On your Wee Peggy !!!! I found one last year on Ebay. And like you I appreciate it not only as a wheel but as a historic work of art!!!!


  2. This is great! I have a wheel with nearly the same story as yours. I picked mine up at a flee market, it has no maker stamp on it, but is a spitting image of your little peggy. So now I know what I have and where to get more information on how it runs! Thanks! In one of your top picutes you asked about a removeable rod on the wheel. I think if you swap the wooden dowl and the threader in their holes you would find that the dowl will hold your bobbins in place. That is how it was set up on my wheel. My wheel also have the leather tie on the treddle and the dowl. Hope that helps a bit, and thanks for poting those links!!!!


  3. Hi,I’m in uk,and have offer to buy little Peggy wheel for two hundred pounds which I think a lot but being I know nothingnof spinning and want a new hobby ,I am lost as what to buy and how reliable old models are against new ones for e.g. Ashford traveller? I’m on a budget and would lve a small wheel and I love look of the little Peggy ,do I take risk,and hope someone can teach me how to use it or can I teach myself ? Any advise welcome and thank you so much.


    • Hi Una, Two hundred pounds does seem quite a bit to pay but it depends on what condition the wheel is. Older wheels are just as good as newer wheels so long as they’ve been looked after. I would suggest you get someone to teach you as I did. It still takes a lot of practise once someone has taught you. Do you have a spinning group nearby? Have a search on the internet. One of my friends taught herself to spin but she has such a naturally ability for spinning. Everyone is different. I prefer to watch someone and then try it. You can do a lot of research about spinning wheels on the internet. If you go to my blog and look down the right hand side there are links to some of the well known wheel makers including Little and Wee Peggy, Rappard (who made the Peggies) and New Zealand spinning wheels. There’s lots of information on these sites. Good luck, Melanie.


      • Yes, I totally agree with Melanie, learn to spin with a friends, an instructors wheel if possible first. ( And yes even in the USA the price seems high unless very, very perfect working condition.)
        Then decide which wheel you would like. Based on easy of use and what type of spinning you
        plan to do. Lace weight/size yarn versus larger diameter yarns. Then you can make your personal educated decision.
        This advise worked out for me!!!
        Best Wishes !!
        One of your followers,


      • Hi Terry thank you for all your kind advise,I have just purchased an ashford traveller,I really would have liked the little Peggy but the seller hadn’t decided to let it go as yet as does not wish to drop price,so I bought the ashford traveller at £125 to get started spinning ,i found a lady willing to give me a few one to one lessons,it looks so easy,but it’s taken me time to get feet peddling in right direction:) and gosh my muscles in legs having a work out,so now feet peddling right way tomorrow will start to learn to spin the wool over NEXRAD couple lessons,I’m going to love spinning,now I’m thinking to buy second hand drum carder ,just the beginning for me,I’m almost looking forward to winter evenings to spin wool.take care Una


      • Una, I’m so glad you found a wheel, the Ashford traveler is a lovely wheel. I’m sure you will enjoy it. (Maybe even more than a Wee Peggy) It is also one I thought about. My wheels kind of found me. I wish I lived near you, I could teach what I know about spinning.
        And perhaps, you could help me learn to knit better. I’m a dreamer, can you tell?. My wheels have only one treadle, but I use both feet on it as I injured my right leg.
        Are you tense, as you peddle?
        My instructor had me learn on a drop spindle first. Drop spindles are nice, for when you can’t use your wheel. There are lots of instructions for spinning on the internet, to supplement your lessons, if you wish.
        Congratulations, on your wheel ( good price too, here they are about $600.00 )
        Wish you happy spinning !!! Sounds very cozy winter evenings and your traveler !!!.


  4. Hi Terry,thanks for lovely message,I wish you lived near too,how fun would that be learning and sharing ):, I have today purchased little Peggy spinning wheel,from lady who wanted two hundred pounds,she contacted me asking if I still wanted to buy,I went to see it and bought it for ine hundred along with chair ,noddy noddy,carders and other bits,tomorrow I will have some quiet time to just sit and look at it,I love it so much,the wood,the craftsmanship,just lovely solid wood and warm colour,itsmin great condition ,all parts original,I’m so grateful and happy,like you,I’ve been I’ll,and I have single peddle but use too feet,it’s almost hilarious watching me,as it looks so easy:)but I have made some wool,can’t really use it for anything as not good for knitting but it’s just fun to see how all comes together,can’t wait to learn more ands start to use all the lovely rich colours together,I bought merino wool to try but it just slips and breaks so easy,so I think I should be using another wool to start off easier,any advice welcome,I have no idea what to purchase online. Take care Una


    • Una , Congratulations, again on your wheel.
      You might want to ply your yarn, and possibly use it as art yarn.. I don’t know what to suggest to learn on as I just experimented. My first purchased yarn was called potluck, ( which now I guess is a combination of some cheaper wools ) so I had to actually pre- draft the wool.(Meaning it was not slippery) My spinning teacher never recommended anything, when asked. So you might ask ( on line ) for them, to recommend, some wool for someone that is learning, that is “.cheap”. Or just buy cheaper wool.
      You could also consider felting any spun wool that your not thrilled with.
      Myself, I ‘m a very impatient learner, yet, I find spinning very relaxing.
      Hang in there, just have fun !!!


  5. Hello Melanie.I was looking up the net with the intentions of selling my wee peggy wheels. After reading all the lovely reports I now have second thoughts. I purchased my first in NZ. in 1973 and the other from a friend in the 80’s I also havea lovely antique English upright wheel and a Sickenger and an electric wheel. As age is catching up with me I have to downsize so will be hard to part with anything. I loved your story and lovely to see how much you love your craft.


    • Hi Lynda, thanks so much for leaving your comment. I have six spinning wheels and I love them all. I have two Little Peggies so am selling one of them. I also have a Wee Peggy, a Tarra Carousel, an Ashford Traditional and an Ashford Traveller. As well as being working wheels, they also make great conversation pieces when I have visitors. I hope you manage to sell your wheels to someone who will love them as much as you obviously do. Cheers, Melanie


  6. It’s beautiful! I have both a Wee Peggy & Little Peggy and my Mum’s wonderful cousin-in-law turned me some bobbins. I’m still on the hunt for the proper threading hook. :-). Amazingly I bought one in Canberra and one in Moss Vale. They are a pleasure to spin on. I never thought of contacting NZ for info.


  7. Well, I know I am interested in your postings. I missed the opportunity to get a Wee Peggy (my wife is named Peggy, but I’m the spinner). I hesitated a day on Craigs List after purchasing two other wheels on consecutive weekends, and lost out.


  8. Hello, I am just starting to spin on a lovely Wee Peggy that was my mother in law’s. I am scouring the internet for information and came across your blog. Great photos and similarities between your Little Peggy and the Wee Peggy. In the fifth photo the taller piecenofbwood is in the other hole on my wheel, against the bobins. I gather this is an inbuilt Lazy Kate.
    I am looking forward to having a lot of fun!


    • Yes, you’re right that long piece of wood is against the bobbins and is an inbuilt lazy kate. Did you see all the information leaflets that I have on my blog as well? Along the top banner just look for Spinning Wheels and then Wee/Little Peggy. 🙂


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