I Am Officially – A Spinner!!!

I didn’t say I was a great spinner or an experienced spinner but I can officialy say I have spun and plied my first two skeins of yarn. Phew!

Spinning is not as easy as it looks. You need to keep the treadle going with your foot so the wheel turns in a clockwise direction, feed the wool top/roving through the orifice with your left hand while separating the fibres with your right hand….plus keep the tension correct so there’s not too much twist……plus keep feeding the wool so it’s nice and even…something I struggled with. On top of that, when you’re plying your yarn you need to spin the wheel anti-clockwise!!

This is the set up….spinning wheel waiting to go……spun wool on the lazy kate beside my Ashford traditional spinning wheel that I bought on Gumtree last year for a handy $40! Waiting for spinning teacher to teach me how to ply the wool.

Spinning 1I have called my first attempt ‘Rustic Charm’ as that’s what it is to me. It’s very rustic, knobbly, with a tendency to try to turn into rope!….but full of character.

Spinning 2

You’ll never be able to buy this wool commercially which makes it even more special and sought after!

Spinning 3

This is how it started out before I spun it.

'Rustic' Roving 01

'Rustic' Roving 02

And here’s the plied wool after being wound on a niddy noddy and tied into a nice skein.

'Rustic' Spun 10-4-13

Winding wool on a niddy noddy is so much fun. The trick is not to think about what you’re doing….as soon as you do……you start winding crookedly. How a skein is formed is not a big secret to me now. It always looked so complicated to me…..now I know how to do it too!



Thanks to my spinning teacher Julie from The Mountain Spinnery for being patient with me and giving me lots of tips and hints.

Now I must practise, practise, practise and when I’ve done that I must practise some more!!!

'Rustic' Spun b 10-4-13

Because my skeins are not exactly precise I’m going to make a cushion cover which can be displayed in my lounge room. Julie told me to always keep my first spinning project as I would look back on it with fondness. Just need to figure out what size needles to use….7 or 8mm maybe.

Now back to knitting to so I can work through my stash!

Have a great crafty weekend. Until next time…



4 thoughts on “I Am Officially – A Spinner!!!

  1. Great work, Melanie! I still have the yarn I spun 20+ years ago, and it’s still not knitted up. I lovingly fondle it from time to time, then other pretties distract me from it 😦


  2. Excellent Mel, the only problem I now have is that I am sure we won’t see you at all outside of work because you have too many projects on the go.


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