A Weekend Yarn Catch Up

You’re probably thinking you’ve not read a post from me for a while about any recent yarn purchases which would logically mean I haven’t bought any yarn. Well the answer is – you’re wrong! How could I not have purchased any yarn I ask you? You should know by now this is one of my weaknesses 🙂

So I’m going to regale you with my stash additions over the last month or so.

We’ll start off with the Canadian Zen Yarn Garden ART WALK Series – The Dream which is the second offering in the new ART WALK Series and features a painting by Pablo Picasso entitled “The Dream” which inspired this colourway. Painted on Serenity 20, Mr. Zen has captured the vividness and subtlety of the colours of the painting. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour!

Zen Yarn Garden The Dream 2

Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) was an artistic virtuoso who co-founded Cubism, and produced an astounding 20,000 paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures during his brilliant 70-year career. Picasso’s unparalleled body of work was so vast, and its phases so unique, that art historians have divided it into specific periods. A child prodigy, Picasso took advanced classes at the Royal Academy of Art in Barcelona when he was only 15. His revolutionary Cubist works, with their distorted shapes and fragmented forms, established art as a genre that does not need to literally represent reality. Zealously embracing every medium from primitive art to sketches to Surrealism, Picasso had an unrivaled influence upon 20th century art.

Serenity 20 is a 70% superwash merino / 20% cashmere / 10% nylon blend, weighs 100g and contains 400 yards. I purchsased two skeins of this gorgeous yarn and still haven’t decided what to make so of course I always welcome any suggestions from you. Yarn Glorius Yarn is the Australian distributor of Zen Yarn Garden and lucky for me they’re situated in Indooroopilly in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Zen Yarn Garden art-walk-series-The Dream 3

This is the ‘official’ picture of the yarn.

Zen Yarn Garden art-walk-series-The Dream

Dyed by Hand Yarns Tough Stocking is a 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon blend, weighs 100g and contains 423 metres (463 yards). It’s a fingering/sock weight with a 4ply construction. Strong without the scratchy feeling, you don’t notice the nylon in this yarn. Merino wool is well known for its warmth and elasticity, whilst the nylon provides strength. The tight twist means great stitch definition. I can personally guarantee how soft this yarn is. I knitted my In the Limelight socks with Tough Stocking and they are so, so soft.

The following two skeins of yarn are the first offering in this year’s 2013 Simply Sock Club which I discovered while looking through Dyed By Hand Yarn’s website recently. This is how the sock club works: Two skeins of sock yarn are posted out in the last week in March, May and July. Yarns included are 2 x Tough Stocking, 2 x Mother’s Love, 1 x Silk Stocking and 1x Blue Chip Stocking.

What I love about it is that each skein of yarn is dyed in a colour inspired by something Australian. These colours are exclusive to yarn club members for 12 months and custom dyeing of these colours on any yarn base may be ordered by yarn club members for the duration of the club. The following colourway is Spotted Gum and I’m in love with the beautiful blends that are contained in this skein.

Dyed By Hand Yarn Spotted Gum

They certainly contain those Australian Spotted Gum hues don’t they?

Dyed By Hand Yarn Spotted Gum Flower

The following colourway is called Vegemite. Julie certainly has a wonderful imagination. Who’d have thought to produce such a colourway. I’m thinking of making a nice shawl with this yarn.

Dyed By Hand Yarn Vegemite

I bet you thought this yarn was initially just black. Well look closely at all those lovely colours throughout the yarn. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Dyed by Hand Yarn Vegemite 02

I purchased the following yarn during Yay for Yarn’s recent Easter Sale. The first yarn is Pico Accuardi and the limited edition colourway ‘Sneaker Wave’ was produced especially for Yarns on Stage. It’s a 100% superwash merino, weighs 100g, is 347.5 metres (380 yards) in length and is a 4ply yarn. It’s quite different from the usual autumn shades that I usually buy however I was quite taken with these blends of colours.

Pico Accuardi 2

This yarn is Three Irish Girls Carys BFL – Padraig. It’s a smooth yarn that’s easy to knit with and the long staple length of BFL helps Carys wear well and maintain its shape better than other soft wools. This yarn is made in the UK using wool which is humanely raised in an environmentally consicious manner. A DK/light worsted weight, this yarn may be suitable for projects requiring 8-10ply weight yarns. It’s a 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool that weighs 100g and contains 210 metres (230 yards).

I’m thinking maybe a hat and cowl for winter.

Three Irish Sisters Carys BFLPadraig_300 a

Alchemy Yarns Migration (Meadowlark) is a luxurious blend of wool and silk. Migration is top dyed and spun into a soft single ply DK/8ply weight yarn that moves through subtle gradations of colour. The colourways are inspired by and named after migrating birds and will produce softly blended bands of harmonious shades without a regular repeat. It’s a 30% silk / 70% wool blend, weighs 50g and contains 155 metres (170 yards). I bought two skeins of this yarn. The colours are beautiful!

Alchemy Yarns Migration - Meadowlark

This Shorn Fibres yarn is a 40% Baby Alpaca / 40% Merino Wool / 20% Silk blend and is Singles DK and weighs 100g. Each skein contains 252 yards.

I only discovered Shorn Fibres last week while I was delving in one of Ravelry’s Groups and just couldn’t resist purchasing some of Angela’s yarn. Angela is an Indie Dyer based in semi rural Queensland (near the Lockyer Valley), Australia. She dyes yarn in small batches using professional grade dyes. I love this Autumn Leaves colourway.

Shorn Fibres Autumn Leaves

Here’s a different aspect of the colourway…..the wound ball of yarn. That reddish colour is actually more orange…must be a combination of the camera and photographer! The photo above reflects the true colours of the yarn.

Shorn Fibers Autumn Leaves 03

I plan to knit a hat and scarf with this yarn in a fairly plain pattern so show off the lovely autumn shades.

Shorn Fibers 02

Cascade 220 Superwash is a 10 ply worsted weight, machine washable, 100% pure wool yarn. It comes in 100 gram balls of 220 yards/201 metres. One ball is enough to make a hat. 1-2 for a childrens cardigan or sweater. Two for a scarf. 4-5 for a baby blanket.

This yarn is also great for making blankets and afghans which is what I am aiming to make…..a crocheted chevron blanket. I have used a bit of this yarn to knit two baby hats which I blogged about here and here. One is the mock cable baby hat and the other is the ribbed pumpkin hat.

I picked up these balls of yarn for $9 each as they’re the end of the dyelot. Another great buy from Yarn Glorious Yarn. I must have been logged onto my computer when the email first arrived advising of the sale as I managed to get all the colours I liked….they certainly didn’t last long!

Cascade 220 Superwash 841 Moss-tile

And now for something completely different to finish off….here’s a mosaic of all the socks I’ve knitted to date. You haven’t seen the last pair (bottom right hand corner) but I will be posting a blog about them very, very soon. There’ll be a photo in that blog that I guarantee will make your mouth water. That will keep you wondering now won’t it?

25 socks-tile

That’s all for now. I’m off to get some dinner ready…..marinated salmon in sweet chilli and lime and some salad and then finish off another pair of socks I have on the go.

Have a great weekend. Until next time…



4 thoughts on “A Weekend Yarn Catch Up

  1. I love your posts, except I always spend money after reading them!
    I just joined the yarn club, I had no idea, thanks for all the great information, I’m pretty new to knitting so you have been a wealth of information for a novice like me! Thank you!


    • Hi Nancy, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. I have so much fun putting the posts together so it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’m helping someone else in their knitting journey. Isn’t it so easy to spend money on yarn these days? There is just so much beautiful yarn to pick from. As knitters, we’re quite spoilt. So pleased you’ve joined the knitting club; I know you’ll love the yarns as I do. Happy knitting! Melanie


  2. I’m jealous of your gorgeous yarn stash, and also the spare time you have to knit! I’m too busy thinking of new colourways to tempt you, as well as a few other surprises… 🙂
    Thank you for featuring our Australian inspired yarns (DBHY); I’m having a lot of fun creating them for you to enjoy, and look forward to see what you do with them.


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