My Gorgeous Wee Peggy Spinning Wheel

A while ago I posted a story about my luck finding a Little Peggy spinning wheel on Ebay. Well I’ve been lucky again and managed to buy a Wee Peggy on Gumtree. I spotted her about three weeks ago and contacted the seller only to find she lived over an hour’s drive from my home and in an area where I never generally travel to.

I was all geared up to drive over to Wights Mountain (near Samford Village) last Saturday but it rained solidly nearly all day and I just wasn’t brave enough to travel that far in the rain. I hate driving at the best of times but when driving to an area that I’m not familiar with I hate it even more.

Anyway we planned for me to drive over this Saturday just gone and at the last moment it was changed to the Sunday. Thank goodness for my Navman is all I can say. It got me there in one piece and relatively unscathed. It was a lovely drive once you left suburbia….very rural with long roads and few homes.

Here she is….my gorgeous Wee Peggy. This is the photo that appeared in the Gumtree ad. Note the yarn still around some of the bobbins. It completely disintegrated when I tried to take it off. I think it had been sitting there for many years. She’s a bit dusty.

Wee Peggy maybe

But after a bit of a clean up and some oiling, here she is…

Wee Peggy 01

I will need to replace the hooks with brand new ones as these are a bit rusty and rough. I’ll also need to buy some string to use as a drive belt.

Wee Peggy 02

She came with all four bobbins as opposed to my Little Peggy which only came with two. Between the two of them I now have six bobbins!

Wee Peggy 03

Wee Peggy 04

You can get a glimpse of the original wood colour where the paint was not applied too thickly in this area of the wheel.

Wee Peggy 05

She even came with the original threader hook. These are usually misplaced over the years. It’s a bit rough and rusty too but I may be able to replace it with another piece of wire.

Wee Peggy 06

Here are my two babies….Little Peggy on the left and Wee Peggy on the right. Don’t they make lovely conversation pieces?

Wee Peggy and Little Peggy

And here’s their big sister, Ashford Traditional…

Ashford Traditional

There’s a fantastic website about Little Peggies and Wee Peggies which can be accessed here. It has lots of great photos and shows the history of the wheels and their subtle changes over the years.

I would love to totally restore the Wee Peggy but I think stripping the paint from her would be a mammoth job as there are so many nooks and crannies. Maybe I should just learn to love her dark walnut colour.

By the way, the website also describes how Wee Peggy differs from Little Peggy: the flyer assembly is central over the wheel, with the orifice resting on top of a truncated front maiden, which would have made it easier and safer to ship across the world.

Off to get some dinner. Hope you’ve enjoyed my story about my Peggies.

Until next time….



8 thoughts on “My Gorgeous Wee Peggy Spinning Wheel

  1. Lucky you, they look beautiful in your house, you are starting to peak my interest in spinning, this could be costly! I searched for a spindle on ebay after you bought Little Peggy and found a spindle for sale in Mornington, Vic for $51, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough about it to make an educated choice. Mornington is only 5 minutes from me. I’ll continue to watch your posts and see how much fun you are having for now!


    • Nancy, I bought my first wheel (Ashford Traditional) early last year for $40 on Gumtree. It was such a good buy and not far to drive. I knew nothing at all about wheels and thought I wouldn’t be out of pocket too much if it was a dud. I still don’t know that much about spinning wheels but read as much as I can and am on the Little Peggy and Wee Peggy Group on Ravelry. I also discovered NZ Spinning Wheels website which has heaps of information. The more I use the wheels and muck around with them, the more I learn so don’t be afraid to start investigating learning how to spin. There are always spinning wheels on Ebay in Victoria which is a bit too far for me to go 🙂


  2. Hello all. I was reading about your enthusiasm for Wee Peggy and I thought I would post a note because though I am not a spinner, my mother was for many years. She has two wheels – a Wee Peggy and a Louet S10. She has decided that it is time for someone else to enjoy them so we were online, trying to figure out where to sell them. thanks HB


    • If you live in Australia I would suggest Ebay and Gumtree. If you live overseas Ebay would also be an option as well as contacting your local spinning groups. Advertising in your local paper is another option.


    • Hi Dianne, Yes, I do belong to a spinning group. I love their company and learn so much from them too. We are having our open day next month which I always enjoy as I can buy more stash! Cheers, Melanie


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