Spinning Weekend Catch Up

I had a lovely long weekend which started last Thursday (Anzac Day), flex day on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday, I drove for about half an hour to pick up my Tarra Carousel that I purchased on Ebay recently and then spent part of Thursday and Friday cleaning and oiling my three latest spinning wheels to get them ready to start using. A trip to Bunnings found some suitable jute to use as drive belts and then I managed to get all three up and spinning!

On Friday afternoon I practised some spinning on my Wee Peggy wheel to try and get my yarn thickness a bit finer and more consistent. I had some yellow and pale yellow wool rovings that I used.

Yellow Handspun 01

All I can say is that it’s going to take a lot of practise to get where I want to go! Believe it or not this is actually a bit better than my first lot of handspun yarn. The close up photo makes it look quite thick (that’s my excuse anyway 🙂 ).

Yellow Handspun 02

All wound onto the niddy noddy….not much there but I will have two skeins.

Yellow Handspun 03

Two skeins….just need to soak them and hang out to dry before they can be used.

Yellow Handspun 04

Another close up photo…I quite like the two colours together.

Yellow Handspun 05

I had a little of the pale yellow left over so I spun it…..more practise!

Yellow Handspun 06

Yesterday I went along to the first get together for the Redland Spinners and Weavers that was held at The Artist Tree. There were only three of us there however there was not a silent moment for the whole two and half hours we were there! That’s one thing that women can do so well….meet and talk and bond.

Michelle was spinning on her Ashford Traveller wheel and I was astounded at how fine her yarn was. That is what I am aspiring towards. She spun so effortlessly…the wheel was just gliding around and there was an aura of calmness and serenity just watching her. Along with a natural talent she has, there’s lots of practise there as well.

I took along my knitting (a shawl in garter stitch so I didn’t have to concentrate on the pattern) and Gillian came along and gave me lots of hints and tips as I asked a myriad of questions. I found out the Queensland Spinners and Weavers open day is 26 May so I will have to put that in my diary.

I was all fired up today so I got out my Tarra Carousel and tried her out. This is the result….still trying to get my yarn a bit finer. I find I’m going along quite well and then suddenly I think about what I’m doing and I get all flustered and confused…my foot starts pedalling faster, I have trouble drafting the wool and have to stop….take a breath and start again.

Pink Handspun 01

Check out the nasty thick bits and where the twist is a bit too tight! Sigh! As I was spinning this I was saying to myself “I must spin nice and fine like Michelle”. It doesn’t appear to have worked….maybe next time.

Pink Handspun 02

I love spinning on my new Tarra Carousel….she is such a beautiful wheel to look at and spins like a dream. Why do I have to take such close up photos….they only enhance the irregularities in my spinning!!

Pink Handspun 03

Just to finish off…I’ve been knitting a couple of things for a friend’s grandchildren…a baby boy due any minute will be getting this cute little Mock Cable Hat and Mock Cable Socks made with Patons Big Baby 8ply.


And his big sister who is about 13 months old will be getting this cute pink Ribbed Pumpkin Hat made with Ashford Tekapo 8ply.

Ribbed Pumpkin Hat Pink 01

Ribbed Pumpkin Hat Pink 04

Now I MUST go and do some ironing that has been gathering over the last month!!! I hate ironing….I would much rather be spinning or knitting.

Until next time….



2 thoughts on “Spinning Weekend Catch Up

  1. Gorgeous spun yarns there, I love the colours! The two-tone yellow looks so bright and sun-shiny, and as for the fairy floss pink…. ❤
    Keep practising! I hope that we will see plenty more of your spun yarns, and some finished projects too 🙂


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