Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks

I am sooo excited because I have managed to source some of the flyer hooks for my Tarra Carousel spinning wheel that I purchased recently on Ebay.

Remember when I showed you this picture that I featured on my blog post? One of the hooks had lost its winding mechanism.

Tarra Carousel After 02a

Well this is what I’ve managed to source….three pairs of the hooks!!

Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks 01

Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks 02

Oh the excitement as I opened the package and tried them and they all fit perfectly 🙂

I must thank ‘Spinneroo’ from the Australian Spinning Wheel Group on Ravelry who directed me to the Victorian Handweavers and Spinners Guild. The lovely Dorothy assisted me. I provided her with the above photo (with the arrows in it) which enabled her to identify the Guild did have the flyer locking hooks. Two for $5 so I bought six so I can have some spares.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy 🙂

Until next time….