An Ornament or an Incomplete Spinning Wheel?

I picked up this cute little wheel on Ebay last week for $25 however I’m not sure whether it’s an ornamental wheel or simply an incomplete wheel that’s lost a few bits and pieces over the years.

Here’s some before pictures…

Vintage Wheel 01

Vintage Wheel 02

How dusty is that wheel!!

Vintage Wheel 04

Vintage Wheel 05

Vintage Wheel 06

She came with two bobbins.

Vintage Wheel 07

The wheel can be separated from the main block.

Vintage Wheel 08

As you can see from the photos she was quite dusty and dry so I brushed her off, cleaned the bobbin holders with a scourer and RP7 (WD40) and polished her with some cedar oil. This was a feat in itself as the wood is certainly not smooth and my polishing cloth did not glide easily over the wood hence there are bits of cloth caught in the rough bits.

Sadly it’s missing a number of important bits – treadle, treadle bar, footman, mother of all, flyer, whorl.

Here she is after her mini makeover. A soft toothbrush dipped in cedar oil came in handy to access those hard to get areas.

Vintage Wheel 09

Vintage Wheel 10

Vintage Wheel 11

Vintage Wheel 12

I’m assuming she did have a treadle as there is a small hole in two of the legs.

Vintage Wheel 13

Vintage Wheel 15

Not sure what this peg is for and how many pegs in total were there? Maybe four going by the number of holes on the main block.

Vintage Wheel 16a

Vintage Wheel 17

Vintage Wheel 18

Vintage Wheel 19

Vintage Wheel21

There’s no thread in these holes on the wheel. It was suggested that maybe the holes in the wheel were to take pegs so it could be used as a skeiner and the pegs were stored in the holes in the table. I tried placing the peg in the hole but it wouldn’t stay there. Maybe there were studs in the wheel and they’ve fallen off over the years??

Vintage Wheel22a

This is where the upright separates from the main block. It certainly made it easier to clean!

Vintage Wheel23a

Maybe I will never know the history of this little wheel. I have posted pictures and started a discussion thread on Ravelry’s Australian Spinning Wheels Group page to try and find out more about this little wheel.

In the meantime, she makes a lovely little conversation piece in my lounge room.

Until next time…..happy spinning, knitting and crafting.