Commercial Yarn v Artisan Hand Painted/Dyed Yarn

I have quite a bit of commercial yarn at home as well as quite a bit of hand painted/dyed yarn that I have sourced from some really quality suppliers here in Australia. I have blogged about them before but if you’re new to my blog, my favourite Aussie hand painted/dyed yarn suppliers are Dyed By Hand Yarns, Augustbird, Skein and Shorn Fibers. All these artisans produce beautiful yarns that are to ‘dye’ for!

Now generally when purchasing anything a few things come into play…..the cost, the need, the look…

When it comes to yarn what counts as the main thing for me is the colourway….if the colour jumps out at me I will generally buy it regardless of the cost (unfortunately for my bank account!!). In most cases I buy yarn before I know what I am going to knit or crochet because I am so taken with the colours. Hence my burgeoning stash!

The following pictures are of some yarn I purchased recently at Spotlight….yes, good old Spotlight. May seems to be the month when they have a yarn sale and then offer a $40 off voucher when you purchase $100 or more on anything (and that includes all sale items too!!)

So I have been carried away this month and used this voucher twice! They reprinted another voucher in yesterday’s paper so of course, I had to slip down to Spotlight today to use it. And don’t discount the fact that I won’t be visiting Spotlight before next Sunday as that’s when the sale finishes as I have another spare voucher!!

When I first saw this yarn on the shelf I almost fell over as I was just floored by the beautiful vibrant colours. It’s Cleckheaton California 8ply and the colourway is quite appropriate – Mackaw (and that’s how it’s spelt on the label). Isn’t it simply divine. I bought about six balls and I have no idea at this stage what I will make but I just couldn’t resist it!

Cleckheaton Mackaw 01

Cleckheaton Mackaw 02

Simply stunning don’t you think?

Cleckheaton Mackaw 03

This yarn is also Cleckheaton California 8ply and the colourway is Storm. Again, gorgeous colours that I couldn’t resist!

Cleckheaton Storm 01

Cleckheaton Storm 02

And this yarn is also Cleckheaton California 8ply and the colourway is Swirl. By the way, it retails for $9.99 but with all my discounts I managed to pick each ball up for just over $5. I love a bargain!

Cleckheaton Swirl 01

Cleckheaton Swirl 02

Who’d have thought all these colours would look so good together!!

Cleckheaton Swirl 03

This yarn is just a solid colour although with my orange/tangerine phase I’m in at the moment, I was immediately attracted to it. It’s called Moda Vera Pure Wool 8 ply – Tangerine. It retails for just over $3 and I’ve managed to pick up a stack of it for just over $1.

Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply Tangerine

Now generally I’m a wool girl however this colourway caught my eye. It’s Moda Vera Harmony and it’s a 50% wool / 50% acrylic mix so I am getting some wool! You know how much I love my autumn shades; well this yarn has those shades in copious amounts.

Moda Vera Harmony 01

Moda Vera Harmony 02

And finally…….I was totally blown away when I saw this Moda Vera Spinnler 34% wool / 33% viscose / 33% acrylic mix. It sneaks in by the skin of its teeth when it comes to wool content 🙂 Look at those colours, I mean how could I walk past it? Talk about autumn shades; this yarn takes the cake!

Moda Vera Spinnler 01

I picked up 15 balls for $3.70 each. I’m thinking of making a rustic type vest with it if I can find the right pattern. I’d love an adult sized vest based on the Milo child’s vest which is knitted in the round. Has anyone got some suggestions for an easy adult’s vest that would show off this yarn? If not, I’m seriously thinking about adapating the Milo to an adult’s size.

Moda Vera Spinnler 02

I practically cleaned out Spotlight’s supply of this yarn. I don’t think anyone dared to come near me to try to get some as I was a woman possessed as I filled up my basket with Spinnler!

Moda Vera Spinnler 03

I couldn’t stop taking photos as I am so enamoured with this yarn.

Moda Vera Spinnler 04

Spotlight also have lots of free patterns on their website so I might even find a pattern or two for some of my yarn.

Well that’s how I spent part of my weekend. How about you? I hope you had lots of fun. Oh and by the way, my feet were toasty warm this weekend as I’ve started wearing my lovely hand knitted socks. They feel divine and I have sooo many to pick from too.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Commercial Yarn v Artisan Hand Painted/Dyed Yarn

  1. It amuses me that the Checiheaton label says “100 grams at standard conditions”. Knitters have long observed that the weight may be off significantly from the label, and many have conceded the difference is due to humidity or lack thereof. I have been pleased recently that the difference has been in my favor instead of shorting me.


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