Rovings Ramblings

Just thought I’d give you a quick peek at the rovings I bought from Kathy’s Fibres recently. Kathy is located in South Australia and has an amazing website full of gorgeous yarnie bits and pieces.I am hoping that my spinning consistency improves quickly so I can use these rovings. I want to make sure I spin some lovely wool with these gorgeous rovings. I bought two of each and each one weighs 100g.

Autumn….Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in autumn shades of rust, deep maroon and muted green.

Autumn roving 02

Citrus….Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in the colours of oranges, lemons and limes.

Citrus roving 02

Envy…what other colours would you handpaint a roving called Envy but green, lovely shades of green.

Envy roving 02

Forest…Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in colours depicting the many  trees of a

Forest roving 02

Outback…Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in shades of the Aussie outback.

Outback roving 02

Strelitzia…Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in lovely greens pinks and browns.

Strelitzia roving 02

William…Handpainted merino 21.5mic roving in many shades of brown, very earthy.

William roving 02

Aren’t they all stunningly beautiful? And a very affordable $11 each!!

Can’t wait to start spinning with them.

I’m off to meet with the Redland Spinners and Weavers at their Knit and Knatter at The Artist Tree tomorrow afternoon followed by a visit to the Twilight Makers Market in Cleveland.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Rovings Ramblings

  1. Gosh! You really have gone headlong into all this haven’t you? It’s a delight to see another person being so taken up with this beautiful obsession. I would love to spin but after a very short lesson I realised my disease doesn’t allow for it. 😦 Still, knitting, designing, dyeing is enough to be going on with.


    • Yes, you could say Iam obssessed! The spinning does make my finger and thumb ache but I think that’s probably a beginner thing and I just need to relax more and that will only come with practise. I’d also like to start dyeing my own yarn but that will definitely have to wait until I have retired as I have to much to do as it is!


  2. Beautiful colors Mel. Pictures of the babies in their hats and socks……hopefully tomorrow.

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