A Stunning Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel

Most of my friends know how much I hate driving. I think I’d rather do some housework than drive; that’s how much I hate it. Which leads me to my recent driving feat this  week of over 100 kilometres in round trips to pick up two spinning wheels. Now that’s an obsession isn’t it? The first trip was to pick up a wheel and chair from Logan Village which I’ll blog about in a future post when the wheel is cleaned up. The spinning wheel I am going to show you today is the most stunning wheel I’ve seen and certainly the most cared for wheel I have bought. I picked her up from The Gap yesterday. The previous owner is to be commended on her fastidious love and care of this wheel. All I had to do was give her a quick rub with a dusting cloth and voila she was perfect. There is not even a skerrick of rust on any of her metal parts either.

It also happens to be my sixth working wheel. What?? I can hear you all screaming out! Yes, I now have six spinning wheels and living in a townhouse has called for some ingenious furniture placement I might add! The biggest decision I have is to decide which one to use!

This is my latest addition…..the stunningly beautiful Ashford Traveller.

Ashford Traveller 01

Isn’t she beautiful and doesn’t she gleam?

Ashford Traveller 02

I love her colour too….it’s sort of a rosewood/claret or maybe someone out there will know the correct colour finish.

Ashford Traveller 03

Ashford Traveller 04

Ashford Traveller 05

Ashford Traveller 07

Ashford Traveller 08

I love the built in lazy kate…

Ashford Traveller 10

She even came with a niddy noddy…

Niddy Noddy 01

And I am assuming this is the name of the previous owner that is carved into the niddy noddy…

Niddy Noddy 02

To me, one of the signs of really caring for something is keeping all the original bits and pieces and paperwork. Well the former owner of this wheel certainly did that. I also received a copy of the assembly instructions…

Instructions Page 1

Instructions Page2

Plus an Ashford book about spinning…

Ashford Book

Plus a couple of Ashford leaflets…

Ashford Leaflet

Ashford Leaflet 02

And of course, the threading hook which invariably always gets lost but not in this case!

Threading Hook

I absolutely love this little wheel and I am going to care for her just as much as her previous owner did.

And to finish, here’s a picture of her with two of her sisters…Little Peggy and Wee Peggy. Don’t they look spectacular lined up together?

Peggies and Traveller

Next week I’ll show you all the pictures of the other spinning wheel I bought and am currently cleaning up. Plus there were some accessories but I will leave you in suspense until my next post. This is a mystery wheel as to date I do not know the manufacturer but have posted a couple of discussions on some spinning wheel group sites and am hoping to find out more about this wheel. Will let you know what eventuates.

Until next time…


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