A Beautiful Bought Crocheted Blanket

I couldn’t resist this blanket when I saw it at a charity stall while walking to work one Friday morning.

Crocheted Blanket 01

Although they’re not my favourite colours I was quite taken with the crocheted pattern of the blanket….and also the price which was only $10!!!!!!!!!!

Crocheted Blanket 02

It’s quite beautiful isn’t it?

Crocheted Blanket 03

Crocheted Blanket 04

I would love it if someone could identify what this pattern is as I am quite intrigued. It looks like multiples of treble crocheted horizontally and vertically.

Crocheted Blanket 05

Crocheted Blanket 06

I guess if I really tried I could work out the pattern but I’m more of a knitter than a crocheter.

Crocheted Blanket 07

I would imagine many hours of work went into this blanket. I’m certainly familiar with that after crocheting my Starburst Flower Blanket.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here in Brissie it’s a long weekend so it’s another sleep in tomorrow for me. Hooray! I had a lovely day today catching up with two friends I’ve known since 1972. Lots of talking, eating and drinking wine and coffee.

Until next time…



11 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bought Crocheted Blanket

  1. This has me intrigued as well Mel and I am disappointed not only that you didn’t create it but you don’t know how it is done. I have crocheted many rugs in the usual treble but can’t work out how this is done. I hope someone can respond with the secret. $10……what a bargain.

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  2. Lovely blanket, even though it’s not my colours either. The stitch is worked on the diagonal; I’m not sure exactly how to start it, but easy once you have a starting square of trebles. Must google this too. Thanks, southerncomfortkc! 🙂


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