Pucker Socks……….Pair # 27

What an odd name for a sock pattern you’re probably thinking but once you see how the pattern actually makes the socks ‘pucker’ you’ll understand immediately why the pattern maker called them Pucker socks, as I did.

The pattern is eight pages in length with very detailed instructions I might add. The reason I picked this pattern is because when I was showing you some of my latest yarn purchases in March this year, one of the yarns I featured was Skein’s Top Draw Sock yarn in the colourway called Speakeasy and Julie from Dyed by Hand Yarns recommended the Pucker sock pattern would be a great pattern for that yarn and she was right. I am very happy with the result.

Pucker Socks 01

The patterning looks completely different from the picture on the pattern and that’s because I’ve used a single hand dyed yarn and the pattern recommends two different yarns. I cast on 72 stitches and used 2.75mm dpns. I was a bit worried the socks would be too tight as the writer states that since mosaic fabric has a much reduced ability to stretch,  you should move up one size from what you would choose for a plain sock. I would generally use 64 stitches for a plain sock so that’s why I cast on 72 stitches plus I also went up a size in needle from 2.5mm to 2.75mm. The socks fit perfectly!

The heel consists on one row sl1, k1 repeated across the row followed by a purl row. It looks great with this yarn.

Pucker Socks 03

Pucker Socks 16

Pucker Socks 18

Pucker Socks 07

As mentioned previously, I used Skein’s Top Draw sock yarn which is a 85% merino / 15% nylon blend that comes in 100g skeins. I only used 73 g so will probably use the rest on a project I have in mind for all my sock yarn leftovers and that is Frankie Brown’s Button Quilt. I haven’t started it yet but at this stage that is what the plan is. This is a free Ravelry knitting pattern and it looks pretty cool!

Skein Speakeasy

Here’s a picture of the Button Quilt from the Ravelry page. It looks great doesn’t it?

Button Quilt

And here’s what the socks look like when they’re off your foot. They’re all puckered….a bit like seersucker fabric.

Pucker Socks 14

Pucker Socks 13

I hope you have fun making these very unusual socks. Well I’d best be off to work. Have a fantastic weekend. Until next time….



10 thoughts on “Pucker Socks……….Pair # 27

  1. Lovely socks… I’d forgotten all about this pattern. I must find a variegated skein of yarn to use on it. I was trying to work out why Frankie Brown sounded familiar, then realized I had just blogged about her Woodland Wreath pattern (free on Ravelry)!


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