Scrappy Mint Socks……Pair # 28

Well I’m back home now after a two week holiday at Noosaville which was utterly relaxing and was spent knitting, meeting friends, drinking coffee, eating, shopping, sleeping in and doing no housework!! Now I have the job of blogging about all the knitting projects I completed during that two weeks…so here we go.

A few weeks ago I was winding my scraps of sock yarn into small balls ready to start making Frankie Brown’s Button Quilt when two colours jumped out and demanded to be made into a pair of socks! Do you remember these socks: my Tidal Waves (left) and River Rapids (right) socks?


So I took a gamble and started knitting some scrappy socks in these two colourways.

Scrappy Mint 01

The top sock is the first one I knitted so it’s the better looking. The cuff, heel flap and toe are knitted in Regia Hand-dye effect which is a 3ply / light fingering yarn. I probably wouldn’t use it again for socks as it’s quite fine. The leg, gussett and foot is knitted in Three Irish Girls Adorn which is a 4ply / fingering yarn and is so beautiful to knit with…great consistency of thickness.

Scrappy Mint 02

My poor old second sock doesn’t look quite as smart as I soon discovered I was running out of the lovely Three Irish Girls Adorn yarn so I had to use the Regia yarn on the foot section. I couldn’t believe it when I discovered I was only a few centimetres short of finishing the toe and had to quickly search for another scrap of yarn (lucky I brought some of them with me on holidays!). So the toe is finished in Ty-Dy Socks by Knit One, Crochet Too…another 3ply / light fingering yarn.

Scrappy Mint 07

Scrappy Mint 05

Scrappy Mint 10

Scrappy Mint 13

A couple of close up pictures of the two different heels…

Scrappy Mint 12

Scrappy Mint 14

All in all I am very happy with my recycling project which has resulted in another pair of socks. Oh and by the way the pattern I used is Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

I’m thinking of a feather and fan pattern for my next pair of socks. Until next time…


Noosaville Knitting News – The Final Instalment!

Sadly today will be my last posting from Noosaville as I leave tommorrow and head back home after two weeks of sheer relaxation combined with knitting, meeting friends, drinking coffee, eating, shopping and sleeping in until 60.30am….yes that’s a sleep in for me. But the good news is that I still have another two weeks holidays that I’ll spend at home.

Today dawned with a beautiful rainbow…


So off I went to the newsagency and bought a Lotto ticket for Saturday night. Surely this must be a positive sign! On the way back I stopped at ‘Raw Energy’ for a coffee and lovely piece of vegan fruit slice which was chock-a-block full of fruit and nuts. It was scrumptious. I also took that opportunity to read some more of my book so I can take it back to the library when I get home tomorrow.

When I got home I grabbed my knitting and chair and wandered down to the ‘knitting tree’ for the last time this holiday 😦 I’ve been working on my Bluey Socks and have now finished the first one.

Bluey Socks 06

And of course, I had a visit from my little friends again…the seagulls…


This was the river front view I had this morning. A bit cloudy but still so tranquil and relaxing.

Noosa River

Yesterday, I visited Belmondos at Noosaville with a friend. Belmondos is a huge fresh food market situated right in the middle of the industrial area of Noosaville but it is a haven for foodies. It stocks all sorts of gourmet food and ingredients not normally found in your local Coles or Woolies. Plus their coffee is divine! They also happen to have a small selection of handmade soap so I bought these three.

Goats Milk Soaps 02

May Chang (Litsea Cubea) is one of my all time favourite essential oils. It is not overly expensive so I tend to use it quite liberally. The last time I bought it, it was in a 500ml container!

Goats Milk Soaps 04

Did I mention to you that Elvis is here in Noosaville? Well he is…or should I say he has a fish and chip shop quite near my unit so I’ve visited it a few times. In fact I’ll probably buy my dinner there tonight.


When I get home I’ll be writing some posts on all the knitting projects I completed over the last two weeks as I’ll be able to take some better photos using my two mannequins so you can look forward to lots of information and pictures about my Falling Water Scarf, Scrappy Mint Socks, In Threes Baby Cardigan, Bas Relief Hat, Red Basket Weave Scarf, Elinya Shawl and Bluey Socks. My I have been busy haven’t I!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting with the Redland Spinners and Weavers ladies at The Artist Tree cafe. It’ll be great to catch up with them as I missed the last get together.

I hope you have enjoyed these short posts over the last two weeks from Noosaville. It’s been fun taking the photos and showing you a beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland.

So until next time…when I’m back in Brissie…


Noosaville Knitting News # 10

Today was a perfect winter’s day here in Noosaville. Cool and brisk early this morning with a cloudless sky all day. It was just magic. The river was like glass this morning.

Noosaville Morning 24-7-13

As it was so lovely I caught the Noosa Ferry from Noosaville to Tewantin which took about 15 minutes. On the way the ferry driver actually pulled in close to the bank so we could take photos of a group of pelicans so I managed to snag this photo as we were cruising past.

Pelicans 01

Tewantin is the departure point for access to the famous North Shore beach drive which goes all the way to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island.

This statue is a tribute to the diggers during the first and second world wars and the Boer War and it’s situated outside the Tewantin RSL.

Tewantin 01

The perfect weather today made for great photos and here’s a few of the Tewantin area near the river.

Tewantin 02

Tewantin 03

Plus a beautiful old fig tree in the park…

Fig Tree 01

Look at those roots…I wonder how old this tree is?

Fig Tree 02

There are so many gorgeous gift shops throughout the Sunshine Coast and Tewantin is no exception…this chocolate shop had so many lovely bits and pieces in it.

Tewantin Shop 01

Tewantin Shop 02

On the way back to Noosaville I couldn’t resist taking this photo from the top of the ferry. Beautiful blue sky and river.

Blue Noosa River 01

So that was my morning. During the afternoon, you guessed it, I grabbed my knitting and chair and wandered down to the river front. I also took some bread with me and fed these seagulls and they ate every crumb!

Seagulls 01

I managed to get a couple of photos of the seagulls flapping around the bread.

Seagulls 02

Today’s knitting was a UFO I brought with me. I started this shawl in March and would really like to finish it. Each row increases by two stitches so consequently it takes longer to knit each row. I’ve only got a few rows left.

Elinya Shawl 03

And of course, I sat under the same tree which will always be known as my ‘knitting tree’!

Noosaville Knitting Tree

And to finish off…here’s tonight’s sunset picture.

Sunset 24-7-13

Until next time…from beautiful Noosaville.


Noosaville Knitting News # 9

This morning dawned a bit cooler than it has been over the last week or so and not as overcast as I expected after last night’s downpour of rain.

I sat outside in the cool air and finished my red basket weave scarf first thing this morning. I will prepare a more detailed post with extra pictures at a future date once I’ve taken some photos of the scarf on my mannequin but here’s a quick photo of the finished scarf after I’d completed the three needle bind off.

Red Scarf 12

I’ve now cast on my 29th pair of socks in this lovely blue sock yarn.

Bluey Socks 01

This will just be a plain vanilla pattern as the sock yarn is self patterning.

Bluey Socks 02

I met some friends for coffee around lunch time today and then took my chair and knitting down to the river front for a couple of hours’ knitting. And then it was off for a ride on my bike to the shops to pick up a few groceries.

I’m a bit excited as my blog is finally listed on the Australian Women Bloggers Directory under the Craft and Arts section.

And just to finish off…another picture of a pelican that was on the river bank this afternoon.

Pelican 01

Pelican 03

And tonight’s sunset…

Sunset 23-7-13

That’s my news for today. Until next time…


Noosaville Knitting News # 8

Today has been a very slow and lazy day for me with most of it spent knitting (surprise, surprise!) I’m eagerly trying to finish my red basket weave scarf and am finally on the third ball of yarn so all going well I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Red Scarf 05

I spent three hours this morning knitting down on the river front….it is so incredibly relaxing that I don’t ever want to leave! After lunch I spent another couple of hours in my front courtyard (which overlooks the river) knitting. I really want to finish this scarf so I can start something else. I’ve been very naughty and haven’t even attempted finishing two of the UFOs I brought on holidays with me…..the vest I started in July last year!!!!! and the baby pram blanket which I’m over half way through knitting.

I had a couple of visitors while I was knitting…


Today I received a lovely surprise email from Lincraft to let me know that I’d won a prize in a recent Facebook competition…a copy of the book The List of My Desires by Grégoire Delacourt.

The List of My Desires

This “gem of a novel” has been a huge success in France with massive sales and rights sold in 27 countries, and it does sound as though its story may ‘chime’ with many of us. Here’s the blurb:

“What would it take to change your life?

Jocelyne is 47. She lives in a small provincial French town, runs her own dressmaking shop, has been married to the same man for what seems like an eternity, has had two children and lives a very ordinary existence. In fact so ordinary that she is beginning to wonder what happened to her, to all those dreams she had when she was seventeen.

Then comes the chance to change her life completely – but should she? For when Jocelyne begins to look at her life and its small pleasures, her friendships, her weekends away, her knitting and needlecraft blog through which she has gathered a community of like-minded women – she realises that maybe ‘ordinary’ isn’t so bad. Until the decision is taken out of her hands …

The List of my Desires is a wonderfully heart-warming novel about what we value in life and the search for happiness.”

Grégoire Delacourt’s first novel L’Ecrivain de la Famille (2011) won five literary prizes in his native France.

I can’t wait to receive this book and am really looking forward to reading it. With a bit of luck it’ll arrive at my place not long after I get home.

Yesterday I had a fabulous day boating up and down the Noosa River with friends of mine. The weather was absolutely perfect…nary a cloud in the sky. It was still and quite warm considering we are in the middle of our winter. Our hire boat was very comfy…nothing like sitting on cushioned seats all day!

O Boat 01

Some of us fished and although not much was caught, this magpie was eyeing off our spoils of the day.

Magpie 02

Although this picture is not very close up it’s a bird of prey that swooped down and snatched the bream that we threw into the river. You can just see the silvery outline of the fish.

Eagle with fish

We also motored past Makepeace Island which is owned by Virgin boss Richard Branson. Originally the resort was for Virgin staff only but has now been opened up to others to rent.

Makepeace Island

The chalets are very well hidden…you can just catch glimpses of them from the river. They blend in very well with the greenery.

Makepeace Island 02

And of course my blog wouldn’t be complete without another picture of pelicans that I took this morning.


Until next time…from beautiful Noosaville on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast…


Noosaville Knitting News # 7

Today was forecast as raining most of the day but instead it only rained a short time this morning and was fine most of the day. I wandered along the river front and bought the Saturday paper, found a table in the shade, read the paper and then ambled home to pick up my knitting and chair and it was off to the river front for a couple of hours knitting. And yes, you guessed it, my ‘friends’ who have been commenting on my knitting each day popped over for a quick chat.

I started a lovely red scarf last night which is meant to be joined in a circle so I thought this would be an ideal time to learn how to do a provisional cast on so I could join the two ends seamlessly. A quick trip to YouTube and I found some really easy instructions on how to do a provisional cast on. Luckily I brought a couple of crochet hooks with me as you need a crochet hook and your knitting needle to do this type of cast on.

Red Scarf 01

Red Scarf 02

I saw these pelicans basking in the sun as I walked along the river front this morning. They really are quite a grand and majestic bird.

Pelicans 01

Pelicans 02

While I was writing this post it suddenly became very, very dark. I looked outside and lo and behold a huge black cloud had moved across the sky. It dumped some rain and then moved on. Within five minutes or so the sun was back out.

Storm Clouds

The boat is booked for tomorrow and food and drinks purchased. All we need now is a perfect day. Fingers crossed! Until next time…


Noosaville Knitting News # 6

Today has been very wet as far as the weather is concerned! But there’s one thing about rainy weather…it’s very conducive for knitting…but in my case…every day is a knitting day!

The river front was quite bleak as I walked up the esplanade to settle myself into having a nice coffee and start knitting my fourth cowl.

Bramble Cowl 01

As I’ve mentioned previously these cowls are so easy to knit and are ideal projects to carry in your bag for when you have a spare moment. I’ve got no idea what the finished cowl will look like as this yarn is quite unique…it very rarely repeats the colours and more often than not there are colours hiding within the ball so it’s quite a surprise as you’re knitting to see what colour appears. The yarn is Moda Vera Bouvardia.

Bramble Cowl 02

On my way home from the coffee shop I took these photos…even though it was raining it is still very magical and misty on the river front.




And this is the block of units I’m staying in…my unit stretches across the ground floor.

Anchorage Noosaville

I forgot to show you something else that I bought at the Eumundi Markets on Wednesday. It’s a salt lamp. Now, they’re supposed to have all these therapeutic benefits but I only bought one because it glows a gorgeous orange colour and will look spectacular in my bedroom. It’s still in the box but I managed to find a picture online which is very similar to mine. They’re supposed to be left on all day, every day unless you go away on holidays when they should be wrapped in cling film. It’s quite stunning isn’t it?


Rain is predicted for tomorrow (Saturday) with a fine and cold day on Sunday. Can’t wait for that cold weather to hit. All going well I’ll be on a boat trip on the Noosa River with friends on Sunday. Fingers crossed the wind doesn’t spoil that.

Until next time…from a wet and rainy but still a very beautiful Noosaville…


Noosaville Knitting News # 5

Like most days since I’ve been here, it’s dawned rainy and then cleared up during the day so it was a quick trip to the shops this morning followed by a four hour knitting session on the river front. As per the other day, I had people coming up and chatting with me to find out what I was knitting. One woman was also a spinner and an avid knitter too. I mentioned to her that I was considering going to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo next year which is held in mid July. She was from Melbourne and had actually won prizes at the Show.

Another annual fibre event that I’d like to visit is the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz Festival which is held in Queensland. Unfortunately both events fall at the same time and also at the time that I like to visit Noosaville in July so I will have to take turns maybe.

Now to show you a couple of my knitting projects. The first is a plastic bag holder (of all things I know!) The stitch pattern is feather and fan and I found the pattern for the bag holder in Ravelry when I was doing a free pattern search on ‘feather and fan’. The pattern is called ‘Feather and Fan Bag Bag’.

Plastic Bag Holder 01

It’s taking a lot of imagination to try and find interesting places to take my photos as I’m a bit limited inside my unit so have had to resort to taking items outside and hang them off trees. I probably get odd looks from people who walk up and down the river front!

Plastic Bag Holder 02

The yarn I used is Cascade 220 Superwash and is part of a bulk lot I purchased from Yarn Glorious Yarn earlier this year when they were having an end of dyelot sale. I managed to get each ball for $9.

Cascade 220 Superwash 1919 Turtle - 2

Today I started knitting another hat. The pattern is called BAS Relief Hat and it’s in the latest copy of Australian Creative Knitting magazine. You are required to use 2 x 50g balls of Knitalpaca ‘Luxa’ 100% alpaca yarn but I’ve used an 8ply alpaca yarn that I purchased in May last year from Stanmore Park Alpacas at Yatala (south of Brisbane). The weekend was an open day as part of National Alpaca Week. The yarn cost $6 for a 50g ball.

Alpaca Variegated 01

Bas Relief Hat 01

And to finish off…on Monday night I took these photos at dusk as the sky and river looked spectacular. What do you think?

Noosaville Dusk 01

I don’t think I’ve seen such lovely shades of blue before.

Noosaville Dusk 02

Noosaville Dusk 03

Noosaville Dusk 04

And to finish off…I’ve just rushed outside and taken these two photos…the setting sun…

Noosaville Sunset 18-7-13

And the view from my unit…lots of families fishing on the river bank…

Noosaville Fishing 18-7-13

That’s my news for today. Until next time…


Noosaville Knitting News # 4 and my Embers Cowl

I enjoyed another wonderful day today on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. My dear friend Janelle who lives in this part of the world drove me to the Eumundi Markets which are always a must to visit if you’re in this part of the world. The Eumundi Markets has a diverse and amazing range of art, craft, products, entertainment and local produce and are open on Saturdays and Wednesdays each week.

We hadn’t long arrived and were walking past this stall full of witches when someone clapped their hands and most of witches started moving and cackling. It sure gave me a fright.

Eumundi 06

Eumundi 07

The Eumundi Markets consists of over 80 stalls showcasing local, handmade and international products including jewellery, clothing, skincare, giftware, kitchenware, shoes, childrenswear, bags and accessories, music, coffee, sweets, nuts and more.

You’ll also find gourmet foods and takeaway food stalls such as German sausages, yummy freshly made banana smoothies, poffertjes, momos and home made ginger beer.

Eumundi 05

Gorgeous bags of all different sizes and with lovely designs on them. I resisted and didn’t buy one.

Eumundi 03

Lots of lovely knick knacks too.

Eumundi 04

I can’t resist homemade soaps made with olive or vegetable oils. The top soap is Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Orange (+ rosehip oil and French red clay) and the bottom soap is Lemon Myrtle, May Chang and Eucalyptus (+ chamomile extract and crushed lemon myrtle leaves).

Eumundi Soap 01

The top soap is Cedarwood, Cinnamon and Orange (+ crushed dandelion root and beta carotene) and the bottom soap is Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavender (+ seaweed and Australian washed blue clay).

Eumundi Soap 03

I also picked up this neat little sun hat as, all going well, I’ll be going out on a boat trip this Sunday and will definitely need a hat to protect me from the glare and sun.

Eumundi Hat 08

This stall captured the attention of everyone. It was stuffed animals singing and dancing…

Eumundi 01

And behind the scenes was the operator who was doing the singing, playing the guitar and moving the animals by moving his feet which had strings attached to them and they moved various parts of the stuffed animals. Very clever!

Eumundi 02

On the way home Janelle took me for a drive through Tewantin, Cooroibah and Boreen Point as well as a visit to Mount Tinbeerwah where we walked up to the lookout which had a great view of both Lake Cooroibah and Lake Cootharaba. I forget to take my camera with me but it was quite overcast and misty anyway so the photos probably wouldn’t have done the view any justice.

When I arrived home I went for a quick walk along the waterfront and came across this pelican enjoying himself in the river.

Noosaville Pelican 01

Noosaville Pelican 02

And just to make sure I include a bit of knitty goodness in my blog post, here’s some pictures of my Embers Cowl which I made yesterday.

Cowl Embers 03

I used a ball of Moda Vera Bouvardia yarn and size 9mm circular knitting needles.

Cowl Embers 04

This cowl is so easy to make. Cast on 68 stitches, join in the round and place a marker. Alternate rounds between knit and purl so you get an overall garter stitch effect. Make sure you leave enough yarn to bind off. You can add one twist before joining the round if you wish but I decided not to with this one.

Cowl Embers 05

This is my third cowl using this yarn. They’re so warm and not itchy at all. Plus they’re very light and don’t feel constricting around your neck.

Cowl Embers 06

That’s my news for today. Thanks again to Janelle for taking me sightseeing today to places I’ve not been to before.

Until next time…from beautiful Noosaville…


Noosaville Knitting News # 3

I spent most of today doing something that I do quite well and that’s talking! I met with a friend of mine who lives at Peregian Springs and we spent a lovely four hours chatting, drinking coffee and in my case, knitting.

I started another cowl which is a very easy project to knit whilst talking as it’s simply rounds of knit and purl. I’ve decided not to put a twist in this one…just for something different.

Cowl Embers 01

When I arrived on Saturday I had to pick up the keys to my unit from Hastings Street in Noosa Heads and whilst wandering up and down the street I found this quirky little shop that sold knitted Tibetan items. Everything in the shop was 50% off so of course I had to dig amongst the knitted items didn’t I? This is what I bought.

A pair of gorgeous green mittens that have a mitten motif on each one.

Mittens 01

Aren’t they the cutest mittens you’ve ever seen?

Mittens 02

Mittens 07

I was also drawn to these gorgeous fingerless mittens too. I love the colours!

Mitts 01

And now for a bit of hand modelling!

Mitts 02

Mitts 03

There was a little slip of paper in the bag with the following words written on it: “We work directly with Tibetan and Nepalese families creating the unique pieces in Nepal using the best quality colour fast cotton and wool. Each item is handcrafted by artisans who receive a fair wage for their work. The patterns and styles reflect the wonderful cultures of origin and the handcrafted nature is evident in the variations in colour and design. Thank you for supporting Fair Trade”.

And here’s the final purchase…these stunning slippers which I just love. Now it just needs to get cold enough this winter so I can wear them!

Slippers 01

I love all the different shades of green…

Slippers 02

Slippers 03

Well that’s it for today. Not too much achieved but certainly a lot of talking. Isn’t that what holidays are all about…doing as you please!

Until next time…from restful and relaxing Noosaville…