Harlequin Cowl and My Squirrel Cage Swift

This is a super quick easy knit and it looks fabulous if you use a multi-coloured yarn. I call it my Harlequin Cowl. It’s based on the pattern I used for my Vesuvius Cowl but I’ve simplified it by using circular needles so there’s no join.

Simply cast on 68 stitches on size 9mm circular needles. I made sure there was one twist before joining in the round. You can elect not to have the twist…it’s up to you. I also placed a marker at the join as I alternated every round with knitting and purling. Because you are knitting in the round this gives you an overall garter stitch effect.

Harlequin Cowl 01

Harlequin Cowl 03

The yarn I used is Moda Vera Bouvardia which is perfect for this projects as it is so colourful and the different colours hardly seem to repeat themselves. This yarn is a 10ply (worsted) 70% acrylic / 30% wool and is not itchy when it’s around your neck.

Turn the cowl around and different colours are displayed!

Harlequin Cowl 04

It took me a week to finish this cowl as I only did a few rows every day. However, it is quite achievable to finish the cowl in a day. Start it in the morning and wear it in the afternoon or evening!

Harlequin Cowl 05

I’ll end up having five of these cowls as that’s how many different balls of Bouvardia yarn I bought! It’s so easy to slip one over your head when it’s a bit breezy outside.

Now, remember when I blogged about the spinning wheel package that I bought for AU$50 and in particular the squirrel cage swift? Well yesterday I had a bit of wool winding to do in readiness for taking away on my holidays, so out came the now cleaned up squirrel cage swift. I clamped my wool winder on the top bar and once I’d worked out which ‘cage’ to put at the bottom and at the top to ensure they turned effortlessly I was away and quickly wound three skeins of 2ply yarn.

Squirrel Swift 01

Squirrel Swift 02

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Squirrel Swift 03

I’m now off to try and finish some knitting projects because I am so tempted to start this little baby cardigan called ‘In Threes’. I’ve bought the pattern and got the yarn all ready to go but I am forcing myself to try and not start another project until I have finished some. It’s sooo hard.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Harlequin Cowl and My Squirrel Cage Swift

    • I’m using the Ashford Traveller at the moment. Been knitting more than spinning because I have so much stash!! Try to spin for a while a few times a week. There’s not enough hours in the day.


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