Noosaville Knitting News # 1

Yyyaaayyy I’m on holidays for four weeks and the first half of the holiday will be spent at Noosaville on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Yesterday was spent packing up my car very strategically to ensure I had enough room for all my clothes, bits and pieces, knitting projects, my fold up camping chair (used to take to the river front for knitting sessions) and of course my bike. Plus of course the two hour drive up here, shopping for groceries and having a quick snack before receiving a phone call from friends of mine who have moved up here. Had a lovely dinner with them plus two others who drove up from Brisbane. It was the latest night I’ve had in ages and the first day I actually did no knitting in probably more than a year!!

Here’s a picture of the knitting projects I brought with me. That plastic bag is a really huge one so it’ll give you an idea of how much I brought with me. Not sure whether I’ll get through all of it though!

Holiday Projects

This morning I grabbed my chair and a pair of socks I started last week and walked across from my unit which is on Gympie Terrace (the main river esplanade), parked myself under a shady tree and worked on the second sock which I hope to finish today.

River Front Knitting 01

I sat near a boat hire business and this jetty is where the Noosa River ferry arrives and leaves all day.

River Front Knitting 02

The river was incredibly calm and peaceful this morning. This is the life!

River Front Knitting 03

These are the socks I’ve been working on over the last week. I’ve called them my Scrappy Mint socks as they’re made from leftover scraps of sock yarn.

Scrappy Mint Socks 01

Once I’ve finished them I’ll write a post and give you more photos and also let you know what yarn I used. I have a sick feeling I’m going to run out of yarn near the toe section so I might even have to introduce a third yarn. Oh well that’s the exciting part about using bits and pieces…you never know how far your yarn will go!

Scrappy Mint Socks 02

I’m off to finish my socks…might sit outside my unit in the small courtyard near the pool and watch everyone ambling along the river front.

Until next time…from beautiful Noosaville…



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