Noosaville Knitting News # 2

This morning as I was driving to Noosa Junction I spotted this flag on a sign and was immediately drawn to it as it’s the South African flag.

Noosaville 01

Technically, it’s the newest South African flag. When I was at school we were required to draw the SA flag and in those days the flag depicted the Union flag, the flag of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Vierkleur (four colours). I knew that flag off by heart!


But I digress…I’m sure you’re not reading this blog to get a history lesson in South Africa’s flags! Now the reason why this flag grabbed my attention is because when you’re born in South Africa (like my Dad) or in Namibia (like my sister and me), you grow up accustomed to eating the most beautiful food product in the world and it’s called…..biltong!! I adore biltong….I love biltong and sometimes I crave it so much. So I quickly pulled over in my car and went into the shop.

Noosaville 02

Now even though this sign says ‘biltong’ and ‘beef jerky’ there is definitely a difference. Beef jerky is American and is not biltong. It tastes different and naturally I favour biltong. I had a chat to the fellow in the shop who’s been in Australia for seven years and still has his strong South African accent. He worked for De Beers and my Dad worked for Consolidated Diamond Mines. He knew my birth town in Namibia (Oranjemund). Love it when I run into someone who actually can pronounce the town I was born in and knows where it is. Most people don’t even know where Namibia is!

Here’s the best $10 I’ve spent in while.

Noosaville 03

Yummo!!! It’s quite chewy so you need to cut small pieces which makes it easier to eat. It has a fantastic savoury taste and is great with a glass of red wine! I’m going to stock up on biltong so I can take some home with me. My Dad will be ecstatic to have some too.

Noosaville 04

And just to make sure I include a bit of knitty stuff in this post, I found this gorgeous knitting caddy (well it was sold as a magazine container but I immediately saw it as another caddy). It’s a nice large size so will hold a larger knitting project. That’s the Noosa River in the background…this is a great place to get some different backgrounds for my pictures to make them a bit more interesting!

Noosaville 06

In the same shop I found this great little cushion for my spinning chair. It’s ideal as the middle of the back of the cushion is drawn in a bit which means it’ll sit on the chair nicely. It’s amazing what you find when you’re not really looking!

Noosaville 05

I’ve also finished my latest pair of socks (# 28) so I’ll post a story about them soon and have nearly finished a cardigan for a one year old little girl. It’s a gorgeous orange colour…will let you see it soon too!

Hope you’re enjoying my holiday adventures as much as I am bringing them to you! Until next time…



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