Noosaville Knitting News # 3

I spent most of today doing something that I do quite well and that’s talking! I met with a friend of mine who lives at Peregian Springs and we spent a lovely four hours chatting, drinking coffee and in my case, knitting.

I started another cowl which is a very easy project to knit whilst talking as it’s simply rounds of knit and purl. I’ve decided not to put a twist in this one…just for something different.

Cowl Embers 01

When I arrived on Saturday I had to pick up the keys to my unit from Hastings Street in Noosa Heads and whilst wandering up and down the street I found this quirky little shop that sold knitted Tibetan items. Everything in the shop was 50% off so of course I had to dig amongst the knitted items didn’t I? This is what I bought.

A pair of gorgeous green mittens that have a mitten motif on each one.

Mittens 01

Aren’t they the cutest mittens you’ve ever seen?

Mittens 02

Mittens 07

I was also drawn to these gorgeous fingerless mittens too. I love the colours!

Mitts 01

And now for a bit of hand modelling!

Mitts 02

Mitts 03

There was a little slip of paper in the bag with the following words written on it: “We work directly with Tibetan and Nepalese families creating the unique pieces in Nepal using the best quality colour fast cotton and wool. Each item is handcrafted by artisans who receive a fair wage for their work. The patterns and styles reflect the wonderful cultures of origin and the handcrafted nature is evident in the variations in colour and design. Thank you for supporting Fair Trade”.

And here’s the final purchase…these stunning slippers which I just love. Now it just needs to get cold enough this winter so I can wear them!

Slippers 01

I love all the different shades of green…

Slippers 02

Slippers 03

Well that’s it for today. Not too much achieved but certainly a lot of talking. Isn’t that what holidays are all about…doing as you please!

Until next time…from restful and relaxing Noosaville…



8 thoughts on “Noosaville Knitting News # 3

  1. Enjoyed your company as always and watching you knit the cowl, your latest additional to your collection. And thanks for your words of wisdom… Following already..xx


    • The weather is too warm for me considering it’s the middle of winter. Next week the temperatures will drop so I am looking forward to that so I can wear all the knitted goodies I brought with me.


  2. Love the mitts on mittens! Are they just a motif, or are they ‘mother and child’ mittens? I can’t think of the pattern name atm, but the small mitts are used by the child whilst an adult wears the large mitt 🙂


    • Yes, the child slips its hand into the little mitts while the adult is wearing the larger mitts. I didn’t realise this until someone pointed it out. I thought the little mitts were just motifs.


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