Noosaville Knitting News # 6

Today has been very wet as far as the weather is concerned! But there’s one thing about rainy weather…it’s very conducive for knitting…but in my case…every day is a knitting day!

The river front was quite bleak as I walked up the esplanade to settle myself into having a nice coffee and start knitting my fourth cowl.

Bramble Cowl 01

As I’ve mentioned previously these cowls are so easy to knit and are ideal projects to carry in your bag for when you have a spare moment. I’ve got no idea what the finished cowl will look like as this yarn is quite unique…it very rarely repeats the colours and more often than not there are colours hiding within the ball so it’s quite a surprise as you’re knitting to see what colour appears. The yarn is Moda Vera Bouvardia.

Bramble Cowl 02

On my way home from the coffee shop I took these photos…even though it was raining it is still very magical and misty on the river front.




And this is the block of units I’m staying in…my unit stretches across the ground floor.

Anchorage Noosaville

I forgot to show you something else that I bought at the Eumundi Markets on Wednesday. It’s a salt lamp. Now, they’re supposed to have all these therapeutic benefits but I only bought one because it glows a gorgeous orange colour and will look spectacular in my bedroom. It’s still in the box but I managed to find a picture online which is very similar to mine. They’re supposed to be left on all day, every day unless you go away on holidays when they should be wrapped in cling film. It’s quite stunning isn’t it?


Rain is predicted for tomorrow (Saturday) with a fine and cold day on Sunday. Can’t wait for that cold weather to hit. All going well I’ll be on a boat trip on the Noosa River with friends on Sunday. Fingers crossed the wind doesn’t spoil that.

Until next time…from a wet and rainy but still a very beautiful Noosaville…



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