Noosaville Knitting News # 7

Today was forecast as raining most of the day but instead it only rained a short time this morning and was fine most of the day. I wandered along the river front and bought the Saturday paper, found a table in the shade, read the paper and then ambled home to pick up my knitting and chair and it was off to the river front for a couple of hours knitting. And yes, you guessed it, my ‘friends’ who have been commenting on my knitting each day popped over for a quick chat.

I started a lovely red scarf last night which is meant to be joined in a circle so I thought this would be an ideal time to learn how to do a provisional cast on so I could join the two ends seamlessly. A quick trip to YouTube and I found some really easy instructions on how to do a provisional cast on. Luckily I brought a couple of crochet hooks with me as you need a crochet hook and your knitting needle to do this type of cast on.

Red Scarf 01

Red Scarf 02

I saw these pelicans basking in the sun as I walked along the river front this morning. They really are quite a grand and majestic bird.

Pelicans 01

Pelicans 02

While I was writing this post it suddenly became very, very dark. I looked outside and lo and behold a huge black cloud had moved across the sky. It dumped some rain and then moved on. Within five minutes or so the sun was back out.

Storm Clouds

The boat is booked for tomorrow and food and drinks purchased. All we need now is a perfect day. Fingers crossed! Until next time…



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