Noosaville Knitting News # 9

This morning dawned a bit cooler than it has been over the last week or so and not as overcast as I expected after last night’s downpour of rain.

I sat outside in the cool air and finished my red basket weave scarf first thing this morning. I will prepare a more detailed post with extra pictures at a future date once I’ve taken some photos of the scarf on my mannequin but here’s a quick photo of the finished scarf after I’d completed the three needle bind off.

Red Scarf 12

I’ve now cast on my 29th pair of socks in this lovely blue sock yarn.

Bluey Socks 01

This will just be a plain vanilla pattern as the sock yarn is self patterning.

Bluey Socks 02

I met some friends for coffee around lunch time today and then took my chair and knitting down to the river front for a couple of hours’ knitting. And then it was off for a ride on my bike to the shops to pick up a few groceries.

I’m a bit excited as my blog is finally listed on the Australian Women Bloggers Directory under the Craft and Arts section.

And just to finish off…another picture of a pelican that was on the river bank this afternoon.

Pelican 01

Pelican 03

And tonight’s sunset…

Sunset 23-7-13

That’s my news for today. Until next time…



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