Noosaville Knitting News – The Final Instalment!

Sadly today will be my last posting from Noosaville as I leave tommorrow and head back home after two weeks of sheer relaxation combined with knitting, meeting friends, drinking coffee, eating, shopping and sleeping in until 60.30am….yes that’s a sleep in for me. But the good news is that I still have another two weeks holidays that I’ll spend at home.

Today dawned with a beautiful rainbow…


So off I went to the newsagency and bought a Lotto ticket for Saturday night. Surely this must be a positive sign! On the way back I stopped at ‘Raw Energy’ for a coffee and lovely piece of vegan fruit slice which was chock-a-block full of fruit and nuts. It was scrumptious. I also took that opportunity to read some more of my book so I can take it back to the library when I get home tomorrow.

When I got home I grabbed my knitting and chair and wandered down to the ‘knitting tree’ for the last time this holiday 😦 I’ve been working on my Bluey Socks and have now finished the first one.

Bluey Socks 06

And of course, I had a visit from my little friends again…the seagulls…


This was the river front view I had this morning. A bit cloudy but still so tranquil and relaxing.

Noosa River

Yesterday, I visited Belmondos at Noosaville with a friend. Belmondos is a huge fresh food market situated right in the middle of the industrial area of Noosaville but it is a haven for foodies. It stocks all sorts of gourmet food and ingredients not normally found in your local Coles or Woolies. Plus their coffee is divine! They also happen to have a small selection of handmade soap so I bought these three.

Goats Milk Soaps 02

May Chang (Litsea Cubea) is one of my all time favourite essential oils. It is not overly expensive so I tend to use it quite liberally. The last time I bought it, it was in a 500ml container!

Goats Milk Soaps 04

Did I mention to you that Elvis is here in Noosaville? Well he is…or should I say he has a fish and chip shop quite near my unit so I’ve visited it a few times. In fact I’ll probably buy my dinner there tonight.


When I get home I’ll be writing some posts on all the knitting projects I completed over the last two weeks as I’ll be able to take some better photos using my two mannequins so you can look forward to lots of information and pictures about my Falling Water Scarf, Scrappy Mint Socks, In Threes Baby Cardigan, Bas Relief Hat, Red Basket Weave Scarf, Elinya Shawl and Bluey Socks. My I have been busy haven’t I!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting with the Redland Spinners and Weavers ladies at The Artist Tree cafe. It’ll be great to catch up with them as I missed the last get together.

I hope you have enjoyed these short posts over the last two weeks from Noosaville. It’s been fun taking the photos and showing you a beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland.

So until next time…when I’m back in Brissie…



6 thoughts on “Noosaville Knitting News – The Final Instalment!

  1. I love reading all your posts and I’m enjoying your vacation through your posts. I’m sorry to see your vacation in Queensland coming to an end. I look forward to your next 2 weeks of posts when you are still on holiday at home.


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