Red Basket Weave Scarf

The pattern for this scarf comes from the yarn band. It’s very simple and uses three balls of yarn…cast on 30 stitches. Rows 1-3 K3, P3 repeat to end of row and Rows 4-6 P3, K3 repeat to end of row. Repeat these six rows until you’ve completed the three balls of yarn…remembering to keep some yarn for binding off.

The yarn is Moda Vera Signorina which is a 57% acrylic / 40% wool / 3% other yarn. The ‘other’ is the small disc repeated throughout the yarn.

Moda Vera Signoria 03

I used this yarn to make some Christmas bauble decorations for friends last year and was very happy with the result.

Christmas Baubles 3

I decided to use a provisional cast on so I could do a three needle bind off at the end. I’ve never done a provisional cast on so I quickly found a great YouTube video that explained the crochet provisional cast on. You can easily just do a cable cast on, bind off at the end and sew the ends together if you prefer.

Red Scarf 01

The pattern knitted up quite effectively.

Red Scarf 02

Red Scarf 05Now for the joining section. I very gingerly undid the provisional cast on and as I removed it I hooked the live red stitches onto another needle.

Red Scarf 07

Now there are two ‘live’ ends.

Red Scarf 08

I could have grafted the ends together but opted for a three needle bind off which is a bit quicker.

Red Scarf 10

Getting there!

Red Scarf 11

All done!

Red Scarf 12

The finished scarf looks great and those tiny plastic discs really catch the light.

Red Scarf 13

This is how I’ll wear the scarf…wrapped around once.

Red Scarf 14

Another successfull knitting project and one from a yarn band too! I also have three balls of this yarn in black bought for the same purpose. Not sure when I’ll get around to knitting it though. Although this is an easy pattern to knit, it did take a while to get through the three balls and it was only some serious holiday knitting that enabled me to finish the scarf in five days!

Until next time…