Shoes, Scarves And An Apron

Who loves a sale? Me!!! So I’m going to share with you the goodies I bought today from Target.

My Mum has been raving about these shoes….how comfy and cheap they are. Honestly I think Mum could rival Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes. These gorgeous ballet flats cost only $7 for the first pair and $3.50 for the second pair!! Which equates to $5.25 a pair!!

Shoes x 4

Not sure whether I have anything to match these coral flats but who cares….at $5.25 a pair I’ll buy something!

Shoes coral

Very summery yellow flats.

Shoes yellow

A bit more subdued pair of taupe flats.

Shoes taupe

And of course, I always have to buy a pair of black which goes with everything.

Shoes black

This berry scarf was reduced from $15 to $3. I mean….how could I walk away without it?

Scarf red 01

It’ll be lovely with my New Zealand merino/possum wrap cardi I bought (on sale – of course!) from The Wool Company last year and which I’ve worn a few times this winter.

310%20BerryThat’s not me in the photo by the way…it’s a model. Don’t the colours match well?

Scarf red 02

This lovely incredibly soft olive green scarf was reduced from $25 to $5.

Scarf green 01

It has cute little pockets at the bottom of both ends so you can slip your hands in to keep them warm. Very clever!

Scarf green 02

And my absolute favourite is this gorgeous and incredibly silky soft orange scarf reduced from $20 to $3!!!!!!

Scarf orange 01

I couldn’t make one that would look and feel better than this.

Scarf orange 02

I can’t wait for winter next year so I can wear my new scarves.

Scarf orange 03

And finally, I bought this cute little peg apron from a charity stall last Friday. It was only $3. I felt so bad about only spending $3 for a worthy cause so I bought a yummy boiled fruit cake as well which had ginger in it. Yummo is all I can say.

Peg apron 01

Well those are my bargain buys. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed buying them.

Until next time…happy knitting, crocheting, sewing and whatever other crafts you enjoy pursuing.