Spare Bobbins for my Little Peggy Spinning Wheel

Firstly, I would like to thank one of my readers (Deanna) who contacted me by email recently to let me know how much she enjoyed reading my blog posts and in particular the links to free patterns. This email gave me such a thrill as quite often no comments are made on some posts so I often wonder whether anyone is reading them; are they enjoying them; should I continue? Thank you so much Deanna!

As you’ll recall I managed to buy a Little Peggy spinning wheel on Ebay in April this year however she only came with two bobbins.

Little Peggy 04

In September I visited one of the local festivals held in my area called RedFest and it was there I stumbled across local woodturners who were displaying their goods. I managed to chat to one of the retired gents who’d been woodturning for over 35 years and asked him whether he’d be interested in making me some spare bobbins. So I drove to his home and took one of the two bobbins from Little Peggy and asked whether he could make me another four.

Last week I drove back to pick up my bobbins and I am so pleased with the five (yes he made one extra) bobbins he made. That’s the original bobbin at the top and the five new ones below.

New Bobbins 02

Original bobbin on the left and new one on the right…

Old left New right

And wait…..there’s more! I also took along the old squirrel cage swift that I purchased in June this year in the job lot which consisted of a spinning wheel, chair, lazy kate and the swift.

Squirrel Swift 04

Now even though the swift works well there are some rough edges on it. My personal woodturner 🙂 was instantly fascinated with it and how it works (I took along the wool winder to give him a demonstration) so he’s going to make me another one that’s nice and smooth all over! I also took along this picture of sock blockers…

Sock Blockers 02

And he’s going to make me pair of them!!! I found this template online which I also gave him. There’s a great downloadable pdf on the web page.

So you can see I’m quite excited about having my own personal woodturner!

Until next time…


14 thoughts on “Spare Bobbins for my Little Peggy Spinning Wheel

  1. I’m one of the guilty parties that read but don’t comment. Sometimes it’s just being lazy and other times I don’t feel my comments are needed. I do stalk your projects on Ravelry though and love the links to patterns to. 🙂
    But I had to comment on this post :-). While on a recent road trip, chanced upon a lovely lady knitter who is a proprietor of a bar. General conversation, as you do, and I mentioned your swift. She loved the idea. And both our husbands love to work with timber :-). Unfortunately they are not turners. 🙂

    I’d love this swift, as I think it will fit in the very small space I have. Must keep an eye out

    So…….. I am very jealous/envious of your tools/toys and the wood turner :-))))))


    • LOL yes I am very lucky finding such a talented woodturner. His only stipulation is that I don’t put a time limit on what I wish him to make and that suits me fine. I’m quite happy to wait. So pleased you’re enjoying the blog and the links to the patterns 🙂


  2. I love your blog! Reading every time a new post lands in my inbox! Aren’t you lucky you discovered him! I have a lovely spinning wheel like that one too – a Tara I bought a couple of years ago. I also have an Ashford (mental blank I think that’s what it’s called)! I bought them both and then got pregnant and of course I still haven’t got to classes to learn spinning! I will do. Have checked out Youtube in the meantime to see how it’s done and I am reading books.


    • Jody, maybe it’s an Ashford Traditional or Traveller? For me, having someone beside me to show me how to spin worked quite well. Now, when I go to my Knit and Knatter group twice a month and one of the women brings her spinning wheel I watch her spinning technique to see whether I can pick up any hints to make my spinning easier. Once I retire I will concentrate more on the spinning but at the moment it seems knitting is my main focus.


  3. As you know Mel I read all your blogs, especially liked the one on scrap booking …. Hmmmm. I wonder why. Honestly I love reading them all because one day I will pick up my knitting needles again and will have learnt so much from you it will be much easier.


  4. Hello Mel, just to let you know that I too read your blogs. I find them fascinating and most intriguing. How do you manage to finish so many projects when you are still working?! You are unbelievable. I also found a lovely retired wood turner in Castlemaine (Vic) who made me some beautiful bobbins for a spinning wheel I bought some time ago. Still don’t know who made it. You’ve inspired me to go to the Ravelry website and download some of the free patterns. I’ve just finished the little cardigan for my 3 year old granddaughter, it was a great success. Thank you for sharing the wonderful work you do with us. Maria


    • Hi Maria, even though I work full time, I live by myself as my son has now left home so every moment at home is spent doing what I wish to do, hence all the knitting. You’ll notice that most of my projects are quick knits. Because it is quite warm in Queensland during winter there’s no need for heavy jumpers and the like so I’m quite happy knitting socks, scarves, cowls and small baby items. Was that the In Three cardigan you knitted? I love that pattern. In fact I love any pattern where you don’t have seams 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. They’ll keep me motivated!


      • Hi Mel, it was the In Three cardigan I knitted. If I knew how I would attach a photo. I knitted with Bendigo Mill wool and it is gorgeous. Maria


  5. I feel I got lucky finding your site here. I just found a Little Peggy for $300.00 and it needs a cotton driveband. I am very new to spinning …is this a good price and are the drivebands hard to find ? Also how thick of yarn might I be able to make ? I am anxious to hear back from you and thank-you in advance.


    • Hi Samantha, this is a reasonable price. You shouldn’t pay any more. The driveband can be made out of string; not nylon string as it will slip. Just plain string or jute will do the trick. There is no ‘official’ driveband for a spinning wheel. Most spinners use string or jute. Google will assist you when it comes to putting on the string. Once you start spinning your yarn will probably be very thick as this is quite normal for beginner spinners. Read my post called The Birth of a Cushion and you’ll see how thick my first yarn was. Here’s the web address Practise will make you a better spinner. My yarn is now a lot thinner but I’m still practising. Have fun, Melanie.


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