Weekend Arts and Craft Fair

I just had to show you some of the goodies I bought at the Arts and Craft Fair yesterday. As I walked into the venue I was overwhelmed by a plethora of tables full of handmade goodness 🙂

My friend Desley from the Redland Spinners and Weavers group makes the most beautiful tote bags. I have featured them before and yesterday I spotted her table straight away as she makes the best bags! Love this one which has a tapestry picture enclosed behind plastic lining. Even the back of the bag looks spectacular.

Green Bag 01-tile

This is the second rosette bag of Desley’s that I’ve bought. Just love the bright colours and again, the back of the bag looks a treat too.

Rosette Bag 01-tile

Here’s a close up picture of those beautiful rosettes.

Rosette Bag 01c

This little calico tote bag will go to my Mum for Christmas.

Calico Bag 01-tile

Couldn’t resist this cinnamon apple which smells divine!

Cinnamon Apple

And I had to claim this cute little penguin.

Penguin 01-tile

These ordinary notebooks had lovely embellished covers on them.


This is such a cute idea. It’s a little pocket that you can slip a gift voucher in. I’ll give this to my son at Christmas with a Bunnings voucher in it. He’s a carpenter.

Tradie pocket

A small canvas print….another gift for my Mum. Mum is so easy to buy for and yet I always have trouble finding gifts for Dad. There’s a limit to how many Sudoku books I can give him!

Canvas print

As soon as I saw this little plaque I felt it was made for me. I’m sure you’d agree too!

She who dies with the ...

I did buy a few extra little goodies but they’ll be Christmas presents for my friends who read this blog so I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

This last bag was bought at a very quaint café/gift shop at Aratula on the way to the scrapbooking retreat last weekend. I couldn’t resist it. My friend Helen also bought a similar one with butterflies on it.

Owl Bag 01-tile

I also had a lovely gathering yesterday at The Artist Tree with my Knit and Knatter friends. I’m nearly half way through my Leafy Bias scarf. Can’t wait to show it to you.

Now off to buy the Sunday paper and do some more knitting.

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Weekend Arts and Craft Fair

  1. Melanie-
    I follow your blog and love reading about your adventures. Those totes you purchased are beautiful. I especially love the tapestry one and the owls. I also enjoy seeing your latest yarn acquisitions and quite often have the impulse to look for some of those yarns in my neck of the world. I live in the USA. I have more wool than I will use in one lifetime and in the last couple years have grown very interested in sock yarns. It started with being a very portable project and not having to invest a whole lot of money in the project. Plus not too much space needed to store one little skein. There are so many lovely yarns to choose from, however, I have a hard time resisting the temptation not to purchase anymore and I now find myself with several large bins full. When I go into my basement, it is like I’m going into a yarn shop with a very large inventory of lovely yarns. So many it’s hard to choose which to use next. My husband teases that I could open my own store.
    Happy adventures in knitting and thank you for your blog!


    • Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your comment. I will have another post soon about my latest yarn acquisitions. It’s a real addiction isn’t it? I forget half the yarn I’ve bought and when I walk into my stash room it’s just like walking into a yarn shop except I don’t have to pay again! It’s such a great hobby and I simply love knitting little garments. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. I love sharing my knitty adventures! Melanie 🙂


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