My Gorgeous Citric Green Scarf

Well I’ve been talking about it for long enough so I thought I’d better show you the finished scarf which I completed earlier last week.

I love this scarf!!! It’s the Leafy Bias Scarf pattern from stitchnerd on Ravelry and I think it looks so gorgeous. This is the third pattern from stitchnerd that I’ve used and I can honestly say I love her designs.

Leafy Bias Scarf 01

The finished garment looks so intricate and yet the pattern is relatively straight forward with lots of garter stitch so you’re not concentrating on every stitch. I took this scarf to my weekly scrabble nights and still managed to knit, play scrabble, talk, drink and eat at the same time! Look at the detail in those beautiful leaves!

Leafy Bias Scarf 02

If you want a pattern that has an interesting feature, is easy to knit then this is the pattern for you.

Leafy Bias Scarf 03

The yarn I used is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and the colourway is 3068 Citric. This is a 70% extra fine merino / 30% silk, weighs 50g, contains 135m (150 yds) and is an 8ply / DK yarn.

Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend 8ply Citric

Manos Del Uruguay was created in 1968 looking for a way to help women in Uruguay’s countryside to generate income. When developing their products they looked to the natural materials that they had to hand, wool in particular, and also to use the traditional skills that they had inherited. They spin, dye, knit and weave the products that are later sold in the world’s most sophisticated markets. Today, Manos is a co-operative of 400 women, but during peak export periods, they are working with as many as 1200 women.

Here’s a link to Manos del Uruguay’s website which contains lots of information about their yarns. These are the labels that came with the yarn which give you the name of the artisan who dyed each skein.

Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend 01

A close up which is still a bit difficult to read…

Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend 02

I purchased the yarn from K2TOG in Albury which is one of my favourite online yarn suppliers. You can see the list of all my favourite online yarn suppliers on the right hand side of my blog page. (You will need to click on the Home button at the top of the page which takes you back to the home page where there’s lots of information down the right hand side.)

Here’s a photo of the scarf which gives you an idea of the size of it. I used four x 50g balls of the yarn to complete it. Don’t forget; this is an asymmetrical shape.

Leafy Bias Scarf 10

This is one of my favourite patterns!

Leafy Bias Scarf 11

Leafy Bias Scarf 05

Leafy Bias Scarf 06

Leafy Bias Scarf 07

I hope this scarf encourages you to try the pattern as well. I’ve nearly finished another scarf by the same designer. The pattern is called Chameleon Bias Scarf. I’ll show it to you soon 🙂

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “My Gorgeous Citric Green Scarf

  1. The color of your shawl is beautiful. I am a fan of Susan Ashcraft (stitchnerd). My favorite patterns are TGY, Colorwheel Cowl andd Samothrace Wings


    • Hi Sharon, I’ve made two of the Samothrace Wings scarves and am knitting my third at the moment. Also have the pattern for the Colourwheel Cowl but haven’t made it yet. Must check out the TGY. Thanks! Cheers, Melanie


      • Can you tell me how long the Samothrace scarf is? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. I’m a heavy person and need a little extra length


      • Hi Sharon, both my Samothrace Wings scarves are packed away at the moment as it’s summer here. What I can tell you is that the pattern doesn’t tell you how much yarn to use. You simply knit until you have about 15-20% of your yarn left before you start the decreasing section. What I like about this is that providing you can get hold of a bit of yarn in the same dye lot you can simply knit the scarf as long as you want to as it’s just a matter of adding on more of the pattern row counts. It’s that simple. So far, all of Stitchnerd’s patterns have been the same. I make them as long as the quantity of yarn I have. I hope that makes sense. Melanie


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