Not More Yarn!!!!!

I guess you’re wondering whether I’ve been buying any more yarn recently hey? Well surprise, surprise….I have been stockpiling quite a few new purchases and thought it was about time I showed them to you. I am keeping Australia’s (and probably the world’s) wool industry functioning!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll be quite familiar with the ART WALK series yarns that I’ve been purchasing from Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane.

The sixth offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s new ART WALK Series features a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir entitled “Roses” which inspired this colourway. Painted on Serenity 20, Mr. Zen has captured the vividness and subtlety of the colours of the painting.

Zen Yarn Garden roses

Living in the moment and indulging in life’s temporal pleasures were among Pierre Auguste Renoir favourite themes, and he expressed them more than any other Impressionist. A renowned leader of the Impressionist movement, Renoir (1841 – 1919) enjoyed depicting his friends and lovers with expressive candour, conveying a youthful exuberance and intimate charm that suggests visions of an earthly paradise. By focusing on the ‘here and now’ of his time, these fleeting moments become relished nostalgic memories. Renoir’s portrayal of luminous colour, skillfully varied brushstrokes, nuances of light and shadow all worked together to form a warm sensuality. [quoted from]

Zen Garden Roses 05

I bought two skeins of this Serenity 20 which is a 70% superwash merino / 20% cashmere / 10% nylon yarn, contains 400 yds, weighs 100g and is 4ply / fingering.

I am thinking about knitting the Yvaine scarf with this yarn. It’s a free knitting pattern on Ravelry.

As mentioned, Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane is the only Australian supplier for Zen Yarn Garden and they always supply the ART WALK series yarn. Good news too….Sue has just opened a bricks and mortar yarn store and it can be found at Taringa Professional Centre, Suite 11/180 Moggill Road, Taringa, Brisbane. Opening hours are Wed-Friday 10am-3pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. Very exciting to have another yarn store in Brisbane, although sadly, none are near my home 😦

Here’s a gorgeous picture that was on Zen Yarn Garden’s website…

Zen Garden Roses 02

The next three yarns are from my favourite Ebay yarn seller A Chronic Yarnoholic. Araucania Milodon is a 10ply / worsted 100% wool. Very luscious isn’t it?

Araucania Milodon 02

Mirasol ‘Tuhu’ is a 50% baby llama / 40% merino / 10% angora 8ply / DK. Doesn’t it look so luxurious? I want to knit this scarf by Stitchnerd but she hasn’t released the pattern yet so I am waiting patiently for it to be written.

Mirasol 'Tuhu' 02

Zitron Trekking Hand Art is a 75% wool / 25% nylon 4ply / fingering yarn. I LOVE these colours!!

Zitron Trekking Hand Art 02

The following three yarns were purchased from Skein YarnsSkein Alpaca Merino Worsted which is a 10ply 60% alpaca / 40% merino cuddly, soft, luxurious, simply gorgeous yarn. This colourway is Cardamon.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Cardamon 02

This colourway is Wise.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Wise 02

And this one is Element.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Element 02

The following Cascade Superwash yarns were purchased from both Yay for Yarn and Yarn Glorious Yarn, both online Brisbane stores. Cascade Superwash 220 which is a 10ply / worsted 100% wool. This colour is Christmas Green.

Cascade 220 Superwash 864 Christmas Green 01

And this colour is Tangerine. Each ball weighs 100g.

Cascade 220 Superwash 826 Tangerine 01

Burnt Orange

Cascade Superwash 220 Burnt Orange 01

Doeskin Heather

Cascade Superwash 220 Doeskin Heather 01

This Noro yarn was also purchased from Yarn Glorious Yarn. Noro Silk Garden is a 45% kid mohair / 45% silk / 10% lambswool 10ply / worsted yarn. Each ball weighs 50g.

Noro Silk Garden 309

Noro Silk Garden 374

The next eight yarns were purchased from Yay for Yarn. Knit One Crochet Too Meadow Silk which is a 70% wool / 30% silk 10ply / worsted yarn. Each skin weighs 100g. This colour is Chocolate.

Knit One Crochet Too Meadow Silk Chocolate 01

And this one is Olive.

Knit One Crochet Too Meadow Silk Olive 01

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns which is a 4ply / fingering 100% merino. Each skein weighs 50g. This colourway is Zebra.

Claudia Hand Painted Zebra 01

Lana Gatto Super Soft 100% merino is a 10ply / worsted yarn. This colour is Cadmium Yellow.

Lana Gatto Super Soft Cadmium Yellow 01


Lana Gatto Super Soft Camel 01


Lana Gatto Super Soft Green 01

Milk Chocolate…

Lana Gatto Super Soft Milk Chocolate 01

and Olive…

Lana Gatto Super Soft Olive 01

The next six yarns were purchased from Spotlight. Patons Fantasia which is a 100% acrylic 4 ply / fingering yarn. Each ball weighs 50g. This colourway is Firebird. Three balls at $3 each.

Patons Fantasia Firebird 02

And this colourway is Magic. Three balls at $3 each.

Patons Fantasia Magic 02

Moda Vera Luminoso which is a 12 ply / bulky 50% wool / 50% acrylic yarn. Each ball weighs 50g. I bought the last two balls of this beautiful colourway for $6 per ball.

Moda Vera Luminoso 02

And four balls of this colourway.

Moda Vera Luminoso 04

Regia Design Line Jazz Color by Erika Knight which is a 4ply / fingering 75% wool / 25% nylon. This colourway is Mint Julep.

Regia Random Stripe Mint Julep 01

Regia Design Line Random Stripe by Kaffe Fassett is a 4ply / fingering 75% wool / 25% nylon. This colourway is Snappy.

Regia Random Stripe 01

I bought two of these Chunky yarns from K2TOG when they were on sale for $22.45 and then managed to buy another four on Ebay for $20 each. Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky which is a 12ply 100% baby alpaca. This is the softest yarn I’ve ever owned. When you hold it against your skin, it feels like what I imagine it would be to be surrounded by clouds. I bought six skeins in total!

Misti Alpaca Chunky 01

Look at those beautiful colours

Misti Alpaca Chunky 02

One skein of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace which is a 2ply 100% baby alpaca yarn purchased from K2TOG for $19.57.

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace

Three skeins of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock yarn which is a 50% alpaca / 30% merino / 10% silk / 10% nylon 4ply / fingering. Purchased on Ebay for $20 each!

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint 4ply 01

Poems Socks which is a 75% wool / 25% nylon 4ply sock yarn in the colourway Pumpkin Patch. Purchased on sale from K2TOG for $14.36.

Poems Socks 01

And another photo to show off the colours even more…

Poems Socks 02

Phew, I’m worn out….and I guess you are too! Now the fun part is to decide what to make with all this glorious, yummy, delicious and beautiful yarn.

Let me know if you have any ideas. Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Not More Yarn!!!!!

  1. Oh Mel!!! it’s been decided….I’m moving in with you! I can live in your stash room 🙂 The only problem I see is that I bet you don’t have room in there anymore! lol Love the Serenity 20 the most…I want to see your scarf!


    • My stash room is just like a yarn shop. There’s so much in there that I’ve forgotten some of it so it’s always a nice surprise when I’m rummaging through my yarn to find some I’d forgotten about! I love it!


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