Chameleon Bias Scarf

This was one of the projects mentioned in my UFO post recently. It is now finished! This is another Stitchnerd pattern and as I’ve said numerous times before, they’re easy to knit but also have some detail to make them interesting….as you can see. This is my Chameleon Bias Scarf.

Chameleon Scarf 06

It’s not often I knit with a solid colour so I am very happy with the result of this beautiful scarf.

Chameleon Scarf 07

It looks and feels so lush and snuggly.

Chameleon Scarf 02

The garter stitch makes it a very portable project to take when you’re at a knitting group and you don’t have numerous pattern stitches to remember. The detail on the edge shows up so well against this cream yarn.

Chameleon Scarf 03

The yarn I used is Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8ply which is a 70% wool / 30% alpaca yarn and is lovely to knit with. I used 4.5mm needles as the yarn is quite a thick 8ply. Five balls were used in this scarf.

Cleckheaton Perfect Day Cream 01

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the size of the scarf. It’s asymmetrical too.

Chameleon Scarf 05

Chameleon Scarf 04

I’m a little bit chuffed as the pattern designer (Susan Ashcroft) requested wether two of my pictures could be displayed on her pattern page. So if you click on this link my scarf is shown on the left hand side….2nd and 5th pictures.

Chameleon Scarf 08

I’ve had a bit of a harrowing day as there is a water leak in my townhouse and my plumber has narrowed it down as being under the garage concrete slab! I now have a couple of holes in the walls as well as some of the pavers near my front door beside the water meter have been removed and a hole dug. A special part needs to be ordered before it can be rectified so for the next few days I have to turn my water meter on and off as I need water so that the water damage is not exacerbated. This is very painful to say the least. You don’t realise how many times a day you actually need to turn on a tap!

I keep trying to keep it all in perspective as in the big scheme of things this is not a major catastrophe and it will be fixed. I need to knit to keep me calm 🙂

That’s my weekend so far. Until next time…


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8 thoughts on “Chameleon Bias Scarf

    • Approx $4.07 USD. If you purchase the three patterns in this series it will cost 7 Euros which is about $7.50 USD. I just Googled a currency converter to find these figures. I am so glad I bought all three patterns.


  1. Hello! I’m using the exact same yarn as you did in this project. Was looking at your work and realized that it doesn’t look “furry” at all! In fact, it’s absolutely stunning and clean. I’m still midway through and it’s been fuzzing up since my first row, kinda like old knits that have been washed a few times. Is there anything I’ve done wrong? Would appreciate some tips/feedback. Thanks!

    Btw, love your blog! 😉


    • Hi Ruth, this yarn is certainly ‘fuzzy’ and my scarf does have some ‘fuzz’ on it but I’ve not worried about it too much as that’s the nature of the yarn. I guess the more you handle the yarn the ‘fuzzier’ it gets. I bought quite a bit of the Perfect Day yarn as I love its softness which is because of the alpaca in it. Just embrace the ‘fuzz’ and enjoy your scarf. All these bias scarves are gorgeous. Thanks for reading my blog! Cheers Melanie 🙂


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